Near-natural habitats instead of gravel gardens

Near-natural habitats instead of gravel gardens

Borken district. Grit, gravel and gravel gardens have a reputation for being particularly easy to care for. But appearances are deceptive: In particular, cleaning the stones from blown seeds, leaves and petals and plucking up emerging seedlings between the stones are very complex. Nevertheless, many homeowners choose to design their front gardens with grit, gravel and gravel. However, the ecologically more valuable alternative is a near-natural front garden, for example planted with perennials, onion plants and ground cover. The flyer “Blooming diversity in the front yard - alternatives to gravel and gravel” from the Academy of Nature and Environmental Protection (NUA) in North Rhine-Westphalia informs about this, as the district of Borken now announces. On the one hand, this increases the quality of living and offers a habitat for countless insects, birds and small mammals, on the other hand, the maintenance effort is low.
Gravel gardens are often sparsely planted or often not planted at all. As a result, they offer most animals and plants neither food nor a suitable habitat. In addition, gravel gardens can cause additional costs: They are often classified by municipalities as partially or fully sealed areas, so that depending on their nature, increased fees for rainwater drainage and water maintenance may apply. In addition, precipitation often seeps into the soil insufficiently due to the sealing and soil compaction and local wetting occurs on the property. With regard to the past hot summers, it should not be underestimated that the natural front gardens have a positive influence on the local temperature.
In the coming years, more and more nature-oriented, blooming and colorful front gardens are to emerge in the district area, which offer a habitat for animals and plants as well as relaxation for the citizens. The flyer is therefore available on the website of the Borken district administration for those interested: In addition, the building, housing and immission control department of the district administration as well as the municipal building authorities distribute the brochures to those willing to build.

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