New arbitrator wanted for District North-West

New arbitrator wanted for District North-West

Bocholt (PID). The city of Bocholt is looking for an arbitrator for the district of Bocholt North-West. The district North-West comprises the areas between Bocholter Aa, Schwanenstraße, Ravardistraße, Markt, Nordstraße, Adenauerallee, Hemdener Weg, Alter Aaltener Straße up to the Dutch border.
Persons who are 30 years old but not yet 70 years old and who are resident in the north-western district of the arbitration office can apply as an arbitrator. They are elected by the Bocholt City Council for five years, confirmed by the director of the Bocholt District Court and sworn in to fulfill their duties.
Settle in litigation

The task of arbitrators is to influence the parties in litigation in order to reach an amicable settlement out of court. For example, they deal with neighborhood disputes and private prosecution crimes such as insults and property damage. The activity as an arbitrator or arbitrator is a volunteer, there is no compensation, but a small compensation, for example for pro-rata energy costs, since the negotiations are usually carried out at home.
Applicants need a bit of life experience, empathy and assertiveness and the willingness to take care of other people's problems. In addition, they should be able to speak German well in spoken and written. The dates for talks with citizens are arranged by arbitrators on their own.
The city of Bocholt bears the costs for an introductory course and other training courses as well as for the necessary materials. Interested parties can contact the Bocholt City Administration, Central Administration Division, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 21-2020, 52 Bocholt, by email until September 58, 46395 or by phone under Tel. 02871 953-309.

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