New treatment method in Bocholt cardiology

New treatment method in Bocholt cardiology

Bocholt. The I. Medical Clinic - Cardiology / Electrophysiology at St. Agnes-Hospital Bocholt offers selected patients with a profound inability to close the mitral valve a cardiac catheter-based intervention as a corrective measure. The new procedure is less stressful for the patient and can represent an alternative to an "open heart" operation. "The leakage of the mitral valve - or mitral valve insufficiency as the technical term is - is the second most common acquired valve defect, which, if severe, is associated with both a reduction in life expectancy and a significant decrease in everyday resilience, mostly due to shortness of breath," explains chief physician Priv .-Doz. Dr. Marcus Wieczorek.

“Although mitral valve surgery remains the standard procedure for many patients, certain patients with profound mitral regurgitation should not undergo such surgery. The reason for this is a significantly increased risk of surgery due to severe comorbidities, old age or a severe limitation of the heart's pumping function. In addition, the long-term results after an operative gathering of the miter valve ring are disappointing. ”In the new procedure, a steerable catheter is placed over the jugular vein in a large cardiac vein along the outside of the left atrium. A metal brace is then inserted into this vein, which runs around the leaky mitral valve. By pulling on this clasp, the mitral valve is gathered from the outside, which significantly increases the tightness.

The clasp is then firmly anchored in the vein at two points. "Previous clinical data show that the new procedure can lead to a reduction in mitral regurgitation and a significant improvement in performance and quality of life," says Dr. Marcus Wieczorek. The head physician reports that the healing process after the operation is shorter than that of an operation: “After the operation, the patients, usually already awake, come to a monitoring station for one night. The entire stay in the clinic is uncomplicated between 3 and 09 SEPTEMBER 2020, 5 days. The correct selection of patients through suitable preliminary examinations is decisive for the success of the procedure. ”The new treatment method is also offered at the Hospital Maria-Hilf Stadtlohn in the Westmünsterland Clinic.

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