New "Lump-Sum Amount Act for the Disabled"


More reductions in tax returns: people with disabilities are now granted a tax lump sum from a degree of disability (GdB) of 20 through the new “Disabled Persons Allowance Act”. This is 348 euros. From a GdB of 30 to 100 as well as for blind people and people who are helpless, the previous lump sums double. This is what the social department of the Borken district administration, as the competent body for severely handicapped matters according to Social Code IX, points out.

Accordingly, all disabled people from a GdB of 20 - without further proof - can claim a lump sum for their tax assessment from the tax year 2021. On request, the district issues a certificate for a GdB between 20 and 40 for submission to the tax office. Important: The certificates issued so far remain valid. From a GdB of 50, it is still sufficient to present a severely disabled person's ID.
Up to now, the following applied: Disabled people could only claim a lump sum from a degree of 30. In addition, with a GdB of 30 or 40, the health prerequisites of a permanent loss of physical mobility or an occupational disease had to be proven in order to claim the lump sum. In these cases, a corresponding certificate was issued for submission to the tax office. These previously required additional requirements no longer apply.
The Borken district administration is responsible for people with disabilities who live in the Borken district. There, disabled people can receive the documents (certificates or IDs) after appropriate determination, with which they can then prove that they are entitled to the lump sums.
Further information on the lump sums for the disabled is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance:…

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