The new e-cargo bike is called “Ida”

The new e-cargo bike is called “Ida”

The name for the new, free e-cargo bike for Bocholt is certain: "Ida". This first name has been suggested 16 times, for different reasons. “Many Bocholters can probably already imagine one of them: Ida van Meckenem, the wife of the famous copper engraver, self-confident, strong and argumentative. It is rumored that she was largely responsible for your husband's success, ”explains environmental officer Angela Theurich.
In addition, the people who came up with the idea remembered Ida, the night watchman's wife and Bocholt city guide, or told them about her grandmother, who was a cyclist by the name of Ida. "I am sure that every Bocholter will associate a suitable reason with this name in the future," said Theurich.
"The response to the call was huge!", Reports environmental officer Angela Theurich enthusiastically, "On the day of publication on the city website, the environmental department received over 20 suggestions for names for the new e-cargo bike, in the end there were over 100." Often the suggestions were reminiscent of well-known and “tough” Bocholt women from older and more recent history, Theurich continued. For example, names such as Änne, Lucy, Christel or Janette were mentioned.
The awarded restaurant voucher was raffled among the 16 people who suggested the name “Ida”. Gabriele Machera won. Congratulations!
More information on renting the e-cargo bike will follow shortly.

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