New Year's reception at THW Bocholt

New Year's reception at THW Bocholt
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Bocholt 18.01.2020/2019/XNUMX, On Saturday the technical aid organization Bocholt / Borken looked back at a successful year XNUMX at its New Year's reception and gave an outlook on the coming year. At the same time, the local association introduced guests from politics and comrades from other civil protection agencies to the new specialist group on emergency repair and emergency care (specialist group N).

The helpers did a total of 25.600 hours of volunteer work in 2019, reported Jan-Bernd Haas, local representative at THW Bocholt / Borken. Of these, 17.500 hours were spent by the emergency services and 8000 hours by young helpers. "This commitment, the commitment of your time and in particular the cooperation on common goals have led us to successfully complete the goals of our local association for the past year", Haas summarized the achievements of the helpers.

25 new helpers also joined THW Bocholt / Borken last year. THW Bocholt / Borken is looking forward to further reinforcement in the future and will therefore offer basic training as an adult education course in the coming months.

Some honors were also due: Tobias Flaswinkel and Stefan Ackert were honored for their 20-year membership in the THW. Stephan Telahr was honored for his 30-year membership. Wilhelm Kolks was recognized for his 40-year membership.

The guests were also informed about the new orientation of the THW, the implementation of the tactical unit model. With this, the THW is realigning itself to current requirements, especially in the area of ​​critical infrastructure.
For the THW Bocholt / Borken this means in concrete terms that since 01.01.2020 the location group has no longer been part of the local association. The localization specialist group is now based in the Emmerich branch. Since the THW will completely dissolve the lighting group, it has also left the local association.

Instead, the allround specialist group emergency care and emergency repair (FGr N) will enrich the local association in the future. This enables the local association to work independently over a certain period of time by taking on tasks in the area of ​​emergency power supply, transport to water and land, pumping work, fuel supply and emergency accommodation and supply for emergency personnel in critical situations. In order to clarify the possible uses of the specialist group, this was also modeled on the farm. Interested parties could also contact the designated group leader, Michael Schwagmeier, or the designated group leader, Hendrik Wiese.

In addition, THW Bocholt / Borken also has a lot planned for 2020: In February, 18 helpers will travel to the Icelandic civil protection ICE-SAR to get to know the deployment options of the ICE-SAR and to get to know people there. Furthermore, the helpers of the local association are trained and qualified in the training services according to the criteria of the THW. The level of training is checked and reflected on as part of a weekend exercise in Münster-Handorf in August.

Some appeals were also made. Petra Dreyer will work as a cook, Franziska Dreyer as an administrative assistant and Alexander Frieg as a local youth officer. In the future, Martin Schmeinck will work as a level 1 and 2 consultant. Laura Vennekamp has been appointed public relations officer.
Jan-Bernd Haas
local representative

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