Medical Network launches week of action on "vaccinating"

Bocholt / Rhede / Isselburg (PID). The cities of Bocholt, Rhede and Isselburg are now making their citizens aware of the topic of "vaccination protection" in cooperation with the local doctors' network BOHRIS eV ( Between the 21. and 30. September 2019 takes place an action week. As a free service, there are doctors at three appointments in each of the central squares who [...]

Camper stolen

Bocholt (ots) - A motorhome stolen unknown people at the weekend in Bocholt. The vehicle of the manufacturer Weinsberg with BOH mark had stood on the Platanenweg, where the theft between Saturday, 20.30 clock, and Sunday, 12.30 clock, has played. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990.

Accordion students from two music schools present the final concert

Bocholt (PID). On Sunday, 22. September 2019, the music school Bocholt-Isselburg together with the music school Mühlheim an der Ruhr organize a concert with accordion students and ensembles of both schools. The beginning is at 15 clock in the auditorium of the St. Josef Gymnasium, Hemdener way 19 in Bocholt. Registration is not required. Admission is free. Already since […]

Abuse in the Church: Historian from Dingden leads the refurbishment team of the diocese

The historian Prof. dr. Thomas Großbölting from the University of Münster will lead the team, which will intensively process the cases of abuse in the diocese of Münster on its behalf. This was announced by the parish Liebfrauen on their website. The 50-year-old Großbölting comes from Dingden, studied history, German studies and cath. Theology. Among other things, he deals with the history of religious change in Germany since the end of World War II. The pastors of the deanery Bocholt had met Prof. Großbölting as speakers at their last pastoral conference in April of this year. In the past week, the committees of the parish council, the parish council and the St. Helena Barlo local committee each had their first meeting after the summer break. The incidents around Pastor Wehren and the remarks of Pastor Zurkuhlen on the abuse in the church and the reactions to it in the parish, resonances and moods have also been the topic. [...]

Now also in Bocholt a group Parents For Future

Around 20 men and women found each other at the founding event of Parents For Future Group Bocholt. You would like to support the Fridays For Future Group Bocholt, but also organize your own actions and events. Among other things, a visit to a wind farm is planned. As the first joint action, PFF and FFF Bocholt will participate in the worldwide [...]

Stolen van again

Bocholt (ots) - A company car stolen unknown company in the night of Friday in Bocholt-Mussum. The white painted Fiat Ducato with BOH mark had stood on the street Schlavenhorst. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990.

On the road with 1,7 per thousand

Bocholt (ots) - His unsafe driving style was not without reason for the officials of a radio patrol: with a blood alcohol value of about 1,7 per thousand, a young man was sitting on the saddle of his bicycle during the night of Saturday. Police officers had checked the 19 year old when he drove the Robert Bosch Street and asked him for a breath alcohol test. The officials made [...]

Teenagers call for purse of cyclist

Bocholt (ots) - Two unknown people have threatened on Saturday a 59 year old cyclist in Bocholt. She drove against 13.30 clock the Lübecker Straße towards the city center, where two young people were so on the road that a passage was not possible. The Bocholterin invited the two to clear the way. The young people insulted [...]

Drunk on alcohol

Bocholt (ots) - The smell of alcohol should prove to be a clear indication: In an intoxicated state, an 31-year-old driver drove his car through Bocholt on Saturday night. Police had checked him as he drove down Yorck Street. A breath alcohol test indicated a blood alcohol level of about 1,1 per mill. The officials forbade the onward journey and made a [...]

190 Verwarngelder, payment cards and misdemeanors after major controls of heavy trucks

Kreis Borken (ots) - On the transnational traffic safety campaign "sicher.mobil.leben - Brummis im Blick" the county police Borken took part on Thursday with 16 checkpoints. Numerous police forces with the support of employees of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (FOPH) controlled a total of 156 vehicles of the truck classes up to 40 tons. Not all of them were on the way: 190 Verwarngelder, Zahlkarten [...]

Ask the doctor - sport with artificial joint?

Next Thursday, the 19. September, the Central School of Health Professions at the St. Agnes Hospital Bocholt again says "Ask the doctor". Chief physician Bernd Hinkenjann informs about the artificial joint replacement in the knee and the question: Can I still do sports despite a joint replacement? The event starts at 19 PM and is as usual [...]

New kindergarten "Blumenwiese" currently a flower meadow

Bocholt (PID). At the Heutingsweg in Bocholter Osten, the new kindergarten "Blumenwiese" will be opened in December 2019. For parents who want to register their children for the kindergarten year 2019 / 20 or 2020 / 21 there will be on Monday, 23. September 2019, an information event held. The beginning is at 18 clock in the Europa House on the Adenauerallee 59. The operator of the Kita, the [...]

With a stolen bike on the way

Bocholt (ots) - His pedelec was reported stolen, in his pockets were drugs: Consequences pulls a check for an 33-year-olds, which the police has checked in the night of Friday in Bocholt. The Isselburger had been traveling against 02.45 clock on the Münsterstraße. His journey found an involuntary end: the officials made [...]

Social list: Ewibo must finally redeem commitment to housing on Heutingsweg

The voters community Social List Bocholt accuses the development and operating company of the city Bocholt GmbH (Ewibo) that it does not comply with public commitments to housing and thus leaves prospective tenants in uncertainty. It is about the 80 housing units on the grounds of the former city nursery Heutingsweg, of which even after more than a year, nothing is seen, except weeds shoots from the ground. The voters community has now with a council request to the administrative board of the city Bocholt and so turned to mayor Peter Nebelo. In the council meeting at the 9. In October, she wants to know why, until today, no construction work has been done on the construction of the residential complex on the Heutingsweg. Whether the Ewibo has already received a building permit. How it looks with the federal and state grants, whether they were completely approved. When concrete construction start and completion of the housing complex is. Also, how many prospective tenants there are and whether commitments have already been made to prospective tenants. Because the social list now wants clarity and the reasons for the "inactivity" of the Ewibo, especially that it finally fulfills its promise. "After all, mayor Peter Nebelo is Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Ewibo and thus also bears responsibility for the implementation of the planned apartments on Heutingsweg," said councilor Bärbel Sauer and explains: "On the site of the former city nursery on Heutigsweg is a residential complex with 80 housing units arise. There is also planned a neighborhood center with facilities for neighborly activities, a day care center and offers for assisted living. The developers, the development and operating company of the city of Bocholt (Ewibo), more than a year ago in March 2018 public and full-bodied announced that the demolition and start of the new construction in the same year 2018 is to take place. So far, however, apparently nothing has happened, the site is broke and at the Ewibo, but also in the city of Bocholt, there is no radio silence. Many citizens are waiting for a new home, especially for an affordable home. This is a scandal and irresponsible, to say the least, as a public housing company deals with apartment-interested citizens and their families, leaves them in uncertainty and literally holds back. "[...]