Border boards in Dinxperlo and Bocholt-Suderwick are among the "Bilingual Museum Modules"

Uta Maria Cyprian, Ulrike Schwarz and Stephan Krems, who heads the coordination center for German-Dutch exchange at schools in the border region in the district government of Münster, recently handed over the first folder "Bilingual Museum Modules for the German-Dutch Border Area" to President Dorothee Feller. “I am always very happy when we can improve German-Dutch relations through good projects. […]

Founders of planbar365 are in the final

Around two weeks ago, the three Bocholt-based David Zimmermann, Johannes Telaar and Martin Steib from start-up called for a vote. The voting was so successful that they have now moved into the final of OUT OF THE BOX.NRW. The three founders are overwhelmed by the feedback and support. Telaar: "We are very happy to have […]

The new one at Made in Bocholt

“I find it exciting to work for Made in Bocholt in the future,” says Klaus Rühling. The video journalist will initially replace Made in Bocholt editor-in-chief Berthold Blesenkemper, who is known to be running for mayor for the next three months. "Replacing is perhaps a bit elaborate," Rühling grins, "my focus is certainly a little different from that of […]

non-partisan - independent - different: Berthold Blesenkemper applies for the office of mayor.

Bocholt needs an independent mayor with political and economic experience who knows the city and its residents very well without being involved in party groups or administrative networks. At least Berthold Blesenkemper is convinced of that. The 59-year-old journalist and entrepreneur therefore decided to run for the highest office in the city on September 13, 2020. "It's time, […]

The animal shelter Bocholt opens again

The Bocholt animal shelter has been open to the public again since July 01st this year. Visitors and supporters are again invited to come to the animal shelter site during the usual opening times. But we remain careful. Therefore, the following rules apply: Masks and the distance rule apply to the entire animal shelter site. At the gate, in front of the office and […]

New museum director fulfills childhood dream

With great pleasure Lisa Merschformann has now taken up her position as the new director of the Bocholt City Museum, which is operated jointly by the City of Bocholt and the Association for Home Care. The 27-year-old art scientist, who comes from Vreden, reports that it has been her dream to work in the museum since eighth grade. For the first time the […]

Scaffolding stolen from shop

Bocholt (ots) - Thieves stole a scaffolding from a construction site in Bocholt on Thursday night. It had stood securely at the main entrance of a business building on Neustrasse. The offense period is between Wednesday 19.00:10.00 p.m. and Thursday 02871:2990 a.m. The police are asking for information to the criminal police department in Bocholt on tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

1. FC Bocholt sign Shunya Hashimoto

Bocholt. (BK / Rü) 1. FC Bocholt have signed center forward Shunya Hashimoto. The 24-year-old has now signed a contract until June 30.06.2021, 2016. The Japanese-born has played in Germany since 53. Since then, he has played 15 regional league games, scoring 66 goals. There are also 36 Oberliga games with 1 goal appearances. XNUMX. FC Bocholt reacts with the transfer […]

Bike station at the bus station returns at normal opening times

The Büngern-Technik bike station, which has only been open to a limited extent in recent months due to the Corona protective measures, will return to normal opening hours from July 06.07.2020th, 07.00. The team at the bike station is pleased to be able to offer the service of the bike station again in full. Opening times: Reception: Monday to Friday: 18.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. Saturday: XNUMX a.m. […]

Cyclist with umbrella drives against patrol car

Bocholt (ots) - Protection from the rain took his view: a 18-year-old cyclist suffered minor injuries in a traffic accident on Wednesday in Bocholt. That was what happened at 13.35 p.m. on Victoriastraße: The young Bocholter was there with his bike coming from Annastraße - while he stopped […]

Anja Elsermann takes over the project coordination for the city anniversary in 2022

Bocholt. The team of the Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft Bocholt mbH & Co KG grows with a new employee: Anja Elsermann has been responsible for the project coordination of the city anniversary in 01 since July 2020st, 2022. The city council decided in 2019 to create a job for project / anniversary coordination. This is part of city marketing, but ultimately Anja Elsermann works […]

Vice President Manfred Platzköster retires

Bocholt. (Rü) “I think we managed the surprise”, says Renate Küper, principal of the Arnold-Janssen-Schule (AJS), “Manfred had never expected that there would be a farewell party for him in these difficult Corona times gives". Without the headmaster Manfred Platzköster noticing any of this, the college sent a small […]

Unemployment rose again in June

Borken district. The number of SGB II unemployed in the Borken district continued to increase in June, albeit less strongly than in the previous months. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The “Job Center in the District of Borken” has 4.796 employable beneficiaries for the month of June who are registered as unemployed. Compared to the previous month of May, the […]