Deadly fire in the sauna club caused by intentional arson

Hamminkeln (ots) - The result of the expert and the Brandermittler from Wesel and Duisburg is clear: The fire in the Hamminkelner sauna club was created by intentional arson. The police are urgently looking for witnesses who have seen suspicious persons or who the arsonist is. The Duisburg Kriminalkommissariat 11 takes notes under 0203 280-0 or any [...]

Broke in practice

Bocholt (ots) - A cashbox have stolen unknown persons in the night of Tuesday during a break-in in Bocholt. The perpetrators had violently penetrated into the rooms of a practice on the cross road: they had pried open a window. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990.

Pedelec driver slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - A light injury and property damage in the amount of about 2.300 Euro - that is the balance of an accident that occurred on Monday in Bocholt. An 24-year-old pedelec driver collided with 14.10-year-old Bocholter's car against 69 clock at the junction Petersfeldstraße / Ruhrallee / Moselstraße. She had from Petersfeldstraße to [...]

Up to 650 Euro more for baker trainees in the district of Borken

Getting up early, heat on the oven, stress at the counter: Those who take training in the bakery should not be made of sugar. But a large part of the around 120 baker trainees in Borken county can now look forward to a hefty pay lookup. Retroactively from September 2018, the training allowances in the industry have increased. This allows apprentices who have been [...]

Funding opportunities for inclusive projects

Borken / Borken. Some 65 representatives of sports clubs, associations and institutions as well as municipalities have informed themselves in the county house in Borken about funding opportunities for inclusive projects. The Arbeitskreis Behindertenhilfe had, in cooperation with the education office of the Borken district, invited to the event as part of the project "Inclusive active". Heiner Buß, chairman of the working group Disability Assistance, [...]

Anyone who breaks confidentiality destroys trust

A comment by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The Bocholt politicians call on the community foundation to present new and much slimmed down plans for the planned BürgerKulturHaus in the former Schützenhaus. That's what the BBV writes today. The newspaper reports and quotes in detail from a non-public meeting of the Council of Elders of the city. Accordingly, the factions want the state funding of the now 48,5 million [...]

Bulky refuse exchange: Useful now still at the ESB leave

Bocholt (PID). On Saturday, 27. July 2019, invites the waste consultancy of the waste disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) to browse the bulky refuse exchange. From 10 to 12 clock may then be looked at the premises on the Schaffeldstraße after exciting finds. Currently the preparations are taking place. If you still have something useful to give away, you can now do it for [...]

Swing and jazz in the historic village complex

Münsterland / Altenberge. Well-known swing and own jazz compositions - this is how "The Twins - Jazzuniversität" has been convincing its audience for many years. Now they come to Altenberge: at Stening's barn, on the historic village grounds, in Altenberge they enter on Sunday, 21. July, a concert in the series "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks [...]

Pedelecs worth a total of more than 6.000 Euro stolen

Bocholt-Barlo (ots) - On Saturday evening, a couple from Bocholt against 20.00 his pedelecs in front of a restaurant on the Barloer Ring Road. Against 22.45, the victims found that their Gudereit brand black pedelecs (Premium E-08) worth more than 6.000 Euro had been stolen. The police are looking for witnesses. Notes to [...]

TSV Bocholt Rhinos are unbeaten in the summer break

Last Saturday, the footballers of TSV Bocholt defeated the guests of Duisburg Vikings with 45: 06 and thereby strengthened the first place in the table as the only unbeaten team in the league. If one is fooled by the final result one thinks that the game was a self-run one. Far from it, because the attack of the Bocholt Rhinos began as [...]

Male guest dies at fire in Hamminkelner sauna club

Hamminkeln (ots) - On Sunday, 14.07.2019, against 01: 16 clock, there was a fire in a sauna club in Hamminkeln on the road Kesseldorfer Rott. Saunaclub staff became aware of a fire inside the building. Upon arrival of the fire brigade, other employees of the sauna club announced that a male guest would be missing. During the subsequent scan [...]

Help for traumatized people

Dr. Omar Dakik is a doctor in Bocholt. In his practice, the general practitioner and psychotherapist treats, inter alia, people from different countries, suffering from the consequences of war and flight. Orbis interviewed him. Orbis: Dr. Dakik, please describe briefly your career as a physician before you came to Bocholt. Dakik: I studied medicine in the former Soviet Union [...]

European youth camp starts on Sunday

Bocholt (EUBOH). The European youth camp Bocholt starts on Sunday, 14. July 2019, with 29 teens and 10 tutors. Cooperation partner this year is the LWL TextilWerk Bocholt with the project "That's the sound of Europe - Sounds of Bocholt!". The textile factory is currently showing the exhibition "Sounds of Changes". Background is the at young people currently [...]