Stolen money with a trick of the exchange

Durch einen Trick hat ein Unbekannter am Dienstag in Bocholt Bargeld erbeutet. Der Täter hatte gegen 09.10 Uhr auf dem Liebfrauenplatz einen Passanten gebeten, ihm Kleingeld zu wechseln. Dabei gab der Unbekannte vor, dem Geschädigten bei der Suche nach den passenden Münzen helfen zu wollen und in dessen Portemonnaie gegriffen. Einige Minuten später bemerkte der […]

Missing woman found dead in the forest

The 32-year-old woman, missing since Saturday, was found dead by police officers in a wooded area in Rhede on Tuesday morning. The officials had carried out targeted search measures there based on evidence received today. The witnesses saw the missing person in the area over the weekend. There are no indications of third-party negligence or an accident.

Consolation Corona - Bocholt is blooming

Aufgrund der weiterhin anhaltenden Corona-Pandemie können auch in diesem Frühjahr keine Veranstaltungen stattfinden. Somit fällt auch der verkaufsoffene Sonntag mit Oldtimertreffen am letzten Aprilsonntag, 25.04., aus. „Wir haben mit den Organisatoren des Oldtimertreffens abgesprochen, dass das Oldtimertreffen im Jubiläumsjahr 2022 umso schöner veranstaltet wird“, so Gisela Bollmann vom Stadtmarketing, die diese Veranstaltung organisiert. Bocholt Blüht […]

SPALECK and NABU agree on cooperation for more ecology

The NABU-Kreisverband Borken eV has now signed a cooperation with the Bocholt-based family company SPALECK. The nature conservation organization and the industrial company want to jointly initiate and implement environmental protection measures at their locations in the city of Bocholt, Greiz, Borne (NL) and Reșița (RO). The aim is also to work regionally with companies and municipalities for more sustainable economic activity. Together they would like to [...]

WITH VIDEO: Winni remains true to herself with “On the asphalt of this world”

Eigentlich hat sich Bocholts „singender Trucker“ Winni Biermann seinen Namen als Tenor mit Operettenmelodien gemacht. Mit seinem neuen Song „Auf dem Asphalt dieser Welt“ lässt die Frohnatur jedoch den deutschen Country-Schlager wieder aufleben. Winni Biermann weiß genau, wovon er singt! Denn Winni ist seit Jahrzehnten leidenschaftlicher Berufskraftfahrer. Der Gesang war immer sein liebstes Hobby. 2014 […]

After the Nordringspange has been approved: “Vereinsstraße” becomes a bicycle road

Mit der Freigabe der Mini-Nordspange zwischen Barloer Weg und Burloer Weg ist nunmehr die Vereinsstraße als Fahrradstraße ausgewiesen worden. Das bedeutet, dass Radverkehr Vorrang genießt. Das teilt die städtische Verkehrsabteilung mit. “Das Ziel, die Vereinsstraße vom Autoverkehr zu entlasten, wurde von uns mit der sofortigen Ausweisung der Vereinsstraße als Fahrradstraße flankiert. Fahrradfahrerinnen und Fahrradfahrer haben […]

“Saftladen” gives way to a large terrace for an ice cream café and tapas bar in the city hotel

Der ehemalige “Saftladen” am Europaplatz wird zurzeit abgerissen. Zwischen “Freudenhaus” und Kreishandwerkerschaft entsteht – wie vergangene Woche bereits berichtet – eine Außengastronomie des neuen Stadthotels (ehemals Kolpinghaus). Bis zu 500 Menschen können dort Platz finden. Geplant sind zudem eine Bühne für Live-Auftritte und eine LED-Bildschrim. Mit diesem Angebot soll vor allem die jüngere Zielgruppe angesprochen […]

Google is redefining window shopping with “Lens”

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER What you see is what you look for! According to this motto, Google is currently redefining the popular (Sunday) window shopping. It is made possible by “Lens”, a service that has been integrated into the internet giant's smartphone apps for weeks. My assessment: On the local trade in Bocholt, which was already badly shaken by the corona lockdown, this technology could reduce the pressure [...]

Digital student project of the European Academy of Sports in Bocholt

The European Academy of Sports (eads), based in Bocholt, was awarded a prize by the Minister for Federal and European Affairs and International Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for its “Sportdigital - cross-border” project. In the letter from Minister Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner says: "I am very happy that so many people during the European week with great [...]

Textile factory reopened immediately

Experience design and textile history at the Bocholt textile factory! Due to the current Corona rules, the industrial museums of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) are allowed to reopen from this week. With immediate effect, visitors are once again warmly welcome to the weaving mill of the Bocholt textile factory during the usual opening times, Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. The prerequisite for this is a [...]

Corona incidence still at 111,5

In the Borken district, 12.04.2021 people are currently (April 0th, 616, midnight) infected with the corona virus. That is 81 less than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected fell by eleven to 24 within 160 hours. The “7-day incidence” is 111,5. The following information from the […] is available on the situation in the hospitals in the district that treat COVID-19 patients

Bocholt-based company Ardap Care is launching a range of products for horses on the market for the first time

New horsepower at Ardap Care: the result of a symbiosis of horse competence and product know-how, the leading animal care specialist is launching a complete range of products for horses for the first time. The high-quality range consisting of 11 articles was specially developed for the well-being of horses. It includes the three core areas of vermin control, calming & care and hygiene for the horse environment, it says [...]

The Dutch complain about the aggressive stealing of talent from Bocholt football clubs

Dutch football clubs in the border area are afraid of losing more and more talent to clubs in Bocholt. They accuse them of having an aggressive policy of recruitment. This is now reported by the daily De Gelderlander. Several players and youth coaches are said to have already been brought across the border. The first to complain about such practices was FC Trias in Winterswijk. [...]

Police find baby dogs and cats in the trunk

Police officers discovered several kittens and dogs in the trunk of a car in Isselburg on Saturday. The police checked the vehicle at around 15.30:XNUMX p.m. on Hahnerfeld Street. The animals, three dogs and two cats, were in transport boxes that were covered with a woolen blanket. They did not have access to water or food and made [...]

Born in Bocholt, elected judge at the Federal Court of Justice

: Four judges from the district of the Hamm Higher Regional Court have now been appointed to the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe. One of them is Volker Messing, who was born in Bocholt. Volker Messing was born in Bocholt in 1975 and joined the judicial service of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2005. In 2008 he was appointed judge at the regional court in Bochum. In the […]