Come on the swing: summer party in the Good Shepherd

It starts at the 7. July, at 10.00 o'clock: Come to the service in the park, which is organized by the choirs of the parish of St. Josef! Then open the food mile and the beer wagon, there are bread and cake from the historic oven. And: Our house is open to those who want to visit it! Many other attractions await you: Heinz Niehaus will sell herbs and tomatoes in favor of the hospice and a flea market invites you to browse. In addition, you can go for a walk with the parallel tandem, enjoy a massage or aromatherapy. The ASB dog service and falconer Sabine Ehmanns-Kramp are guests with their birds of prey, including Uhu Fritz and Waldkauz Waldemar. The dance group of the Red Cross, children of the Josefsschule and the mandolin orchestra Harmonie 1931 eV from Dinslaken-Barmingholten have their musical appearance. Also "Luna" Sabine Kamps, the clown of the Good Shepherd, is up to jokes again. The environmental protection also plays a major role: We set at the festival no disposable dishes! And if you want, you can take home food and cakes in your own containers. An idea competition of all employees in the Good Shepherd brought many approaches to improve the life cycle assessment of our house. For this we award prizes with ecological benefits at our summer party. The party ends with dinner. But before you can still weigh in the original fairground swing and dream of Hans Albers. Ladies, Luise's, and all other people are welcome to our party! Best regards, Johanna Tepaße (home director) Guter Hirte Bocholt GmbH, Karolingerstr. 65, 46395 Bocholt, 02871 - 958 The 0 Court of Coesfeld, HRB 9154 Institute mark: 510 550 380The Good Shepherd Bocholt belongs to the Episcopal Foundation Haus Hall GescherDirector: Dr. Ing. Thomas Bröcheler, Tungerloh-Capellen 4, 48712 Gescher [...]