Easter egg hunt through roadstead

Last Wednesday, March 31.03.2021, XNUMX, the Easter rally started in the best weather in the contact point. Of course, in compliance with all Corona rules, the families were able to set out to follow the trail of the Easter bunny through roadstead. It all started for families. It was a matter of finding eggs, solving puzzles and playing games of skill, and then on [...]

1.700 years of Jewish life in Germany

2021 is an anniversary year for Judaism in Germany: In 321 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine made a public declaration in Cologne that allowed Jewish people to hold public offices and work in administration. This is considered to be the oldest evidence of the existence of Jewish communities in what is now Germany. [...]

"Tele emergency doctor" now on duty at the Borken fire and rescue station

The expansion of the emergency doctor system (TNA system) in the Borken district is progressing: The Borken rescue station is now the second to use this system in the Borken district. "I am pleased that the further development of our rescue service is progressing so well and that now, with Borken, the next location in the district is using the tele-emergency doctor system," said District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker at the presentation in [...]

Objective: Strengthening the innovative ability of companies in Münsterland

Strengthening the innovative ability of small and medium-sized companies in the Münsterland is the focus of the joint project NRW.Innovationpartner, which is located at Münsterland eV. One of the main tasks is to qualify consultants in the region so that they can support companies in the Münsterland even more competently with innovation projects. In addition to training courses on current innovation and [...]

“Job center in the Borken district” introduces e-social files

Another step towards the “digitization” of the district administration and local authorities: The “job center in the district of Borken”, supported by the district and the cities and municipalities, will gradually switch to digital file management (“e-social files”) and digitized incoming and outgoing mail in 2021. In future, paper files will be a thing of the past for around 280 employees, as will documents received by post [...]

New "Lump-Sum Amount Act for the Disabled"

More reductions in tax returns: people with disabilities are now granted a tax lump sum from a degree of disability (GdB) of 20 through the new “Disabled Persons Allowance Act”. This is 348 euros. From a GdB of 30 to 100 as well as for blind people and people who are helpless, the previous lump sums double. This [...]

Two new rescue transport vehicles for the rescue service in the Borken district

The Borken fire and rescue station and the Reken rescue station will each receive a new ambulance: The district of Borken, as the provider of the rescue service, has now accepted the two vehicles together with representatives of the rescue services involved and transferred them to Borken and Reken. "It is very important to me that the rescue service in the district is constantly improved", [...]

Kreis pays more than 3,73 million euros to student BAföG

Borken district. For young adults who are completing a school education, the Borken district is the first point of contact when it comes to financial aid. In 2020, the authority supported 850 young women and men with benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). A total of 3,73 million euros was paid out for the federal treasury (2019: 3,58 million). 100 applications were withdrawn, [...]

29,9 million euros for basic security in old age and in the case of reduced earning capacity

In December 2020, 4.361 citizens in the Borken district received financial support as part of the “basic security in old age and reduced earning capacity”. A year earlier, in December 2019, there were 3.829 fewer people. Karin Ostendorff, head of the social department of the Borken district administration, is now sharing these figures. The basic security should [...]

Bundeswehr soldiers support the St. Antonius Hospital Gronau

Since January 11, 2021, five soldiers of the Bundeswehr have been working in the St. Antonius Hospital Gronau to support them in coping with the corona-related additional tasks. The basis for the operation is an administrative assistance procedure that was organized by the Bundeswehr and the Borken district. As things stand today, the soldiers will be deployed for logistical and administrative tasks until the end of February. [...]

Order of merit for voluntary work

Borken district. Many citizens of the Borken district volunteer in our society in various ways and thus enrich our region in many ways. On the pleasant tasks of District Administrator Dr. It belongs to Kai Zwicker every year to present the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to the women and men to be honored [...]

District administrator says goodbye to Dahlhaus and Hakvoort into retirement

District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and Personnel Council Chairman Stefan Pelz say goodbye to their well-earned retirement: Johannes Dahlhaus, who can look back on 30 years of service in the district administration, and Gerd-Heinz Hakvoort, who has 39 years of service. Johannes Dahlhaus first completed an apprenticeship as an electrical installer in Dorsten. He then worked in the private sector and came to [...]

Culture podcast “Mission White Flamingo” discovers St. Josefshaus Art Church

The white flamingo took off again - and this time landed in Wettringen, more precisely in the art church St. Josefshaus: There Anna-Ida Almus visited the artists' community Wettringen (KGW) with her culture podcast “Mission Weißer Flamingo”. The podcast maker not only looked behind the scenes of a place, but also of a community. Because their place of creation is [...]

District Borken cancels the New Year's reception

Borken district. A New Year's reception is primarily used for the exchange of opinions and ideas among many people who come together for the purpose in a sociable manner. However, this is exactly what the coronavirus pandemic does not allow for now and in the coming weeks. Therefore, the district of Borken unfortunately had to cancel its New Year's reception, which was actually planned for January, announced the district press office. In the […]