District electoral districts for the local elections in September were determined

Borken district. In the district elections on Sunday, September 13, 2020, there will again be 30 electoral districts in the Borken district. The electoral committee set up by the district council for the local elections decided unanimously at its meeting - with one abstention - the exact division. The session “under the open sky” was led by the district returning officer Dr. Ansgar Hörster. Against the background […]

District Administrator Zwicker honors the crash course NRW team

District of Borken (ots) - Almost exactly eight years ago, the prevention project “Crash Course NRW” started at the Remigianum high school in Borken. The target group of the traffic safety program is the young drivers, so that all high schools and vocational colleges have been won as partners. In the 107 events held so far, the team reached approximately 21.000 schoolchildren of the corresponding age group. For the crash course NRW team […]

School ski vacation classes returning from South Tyrol are tested for the corona virus as a precaution

Ahaus. 61 students of the vocational college for technology in Ahaus and seven accompanying persons are expected on Saturday (March 07.03.2020th, XNUMX) from a ski vacation in South Tyrol. Although there are no health signs of a coronavirus illness in the travel group and no other signs of a possible danger, these people will be taken as a precautionary measure upon arrival in Ahaus […]

Table football tournament in the cult Westmünsterland

Borken / Vreden district. Do you fancy kickers, slot machines, bratwurst, and cool drinks? The cult Westmünsterland in Vreden, Kirchplatz 14, will be the venue for a football tournament on Friday, March 6, 2020, from 16 p.m. Participation in the tournament is free. The winning team will receive attractive prizes and a winner's cup. Friends and supporters are welcome to come along to cheer them on. [...]

Welcome event for newcomers to the Sasse fine distillery

Arrived at work, found an apartment, but still didn't know enough people? That can be changed: At the welcome event with a tasting on March 18 (Wednesday) at the Sasse fine distillery in Schöppingen. The Onboarding @ Münsterland service of the Münsterland eV invites everyone who has not lived in the Münsterland for a long time and would like to make new contacts. The […]

Winners of “Jugend forscht” have been announced

The 34th “IHK regional competition for young people” has ended. The winners in the age group 15 to 21 who represent the Münsterland from March 30 to April 1 at the state finals in Leverkusen are now known (list of winners in the enclosure): The 77 participants had a total of 28 today (February 56) Working in the Hiltrup town hall in Münster […]

Vocal ensemble "Sjaella" is guest in the Fürstensaal

Borken / Ahaus district. Premiere at the last palace concert of the season: With the vocal ensemble “Sjaella”, a purely female choir will perform for the first time in the Fürstensaal of Schloss Ahaus on Sunday, March 15, 2020. “Sjaella” translated from Scandinavian means something like “soul” - the six young women claim of themselves that they have a common soul […]

IHK recognition: IBO stall technology trains for the first time

Rhede / Borken district. - With Johannes Pothmann, IBO Stalltechnik GmbH in Rhede is breaking new ground in securing skilled workers. The budding mechatronics engineer from Borken is the first trainee of the company, which has been manufacturing technical systems for agriculture for over 50 years. IBO Stalltechnik became representative for all companies in the district of Borken, which […]

Sick in the cold season: to bed or to the office?

5e4121bf2f866 5e4121c030804 Winter time equals cold time - if your nose is scratching and scratching your throat, there are a few things to consider for employees who have to report sick. Labor law expert Wolfgang Schmitz, chief executive of the entrepreneurs' association, answers important questions about sick leave. Resting or working? "If going to the doctor is inevitable, workers should note that a sick report to the […]

Musical passion with the Italian ensemble "Sestetto Stradivari"

status: publis district of Borken / Ahaus. Harmonious sounds and musical passion - that connects the six members of the Italian string ensemble “Sestetto Stradivari”. The special thing is that they only play on valuable old Stradivari instruments. Concert visitors can therefore expect a very special musical experience on Sunday, February 16, 2020, in the Fürstensaal at Schloss Ahaus. Beginning […]

The agency counted seven adoptions last year

Borken district. The adoption agency, which operates the district of Borken together with the cities of Ahaus, Borken and Gronau, managed seven adoptions last year. This is an adoption less than in the previous year. In three of these cases, children were adopted by relatives and step-parent parts. The other four cases involved adoption […]

Escape from leveling leads to creative teams

Creativity and finding solutions is an important component in companies - and the basis of every innovation is ideas. That different personalities have to come together in a team to develop the best ideas is a thesis from a technical contribution by Tobias Fastenrath, innovation manager and association engineer at the entrepreneurs' association. "Paying attention to the heterogeneous composition of teams increases the […]

Start of the picnic season

Yesterday, the Harkotten manor house and the Münsterland eV showed how to picnic in style with punch, fireplace and picnic baskets. 60 guests came in all weathers and enjoyed Münsterland specialties in the historic heraldic hall of the manor house. The fact that green lawns and high temperatures are not always necessary for a picnic last night […]

Münsterland welcomes specialists to the region

Get to know the country and its people, exchange ideas with like-minded people, get a first impression of GOOD LIFE in the Münsterland: All of this was the focus of the first welcome event of the Onboarding @ Münsterland service of Münsterland eV on Wednesday evening Transformer station to Münster and took the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed way. The welcome event […]

Goal: to get young people excited about technology in the world of work

Young people's interest in IT jobs is declining in industrialized countries - this surprising result comes from a special Pisa study. Although 15-year-olds in the OECD are growing up with computers, the Internet and cell phones, they do not want to do it for a living. "According to calculations by the industry association Bitkom, 124.000 IT specialists are already missing in Germany. And at a time when […]