Public-private partnerships in Bocholt soon?

Public-private partnerships, so-called PPP models, can, according to the
Bocholter CDU and FDP result in many advantages for a municipality. The two
Groups are therefore proposing to the next meeting of the
City council next Wednesday that the administration
Feasibility of PPP models in Bocholt checked.

Against the background of ever increasing municipal task profiles
public-private partnerships a possible way to leverage synergies,
write Burkhard Weber (CDU) and Burkhard Henneken (FDP) in their application.
The group leaders: ?? This way, municipal human resources can be spared
and financial framework conditions are observed. Also be
at the same time private investors have the opportunity to invest in the
Given the infrastructure of a municipality. Through precisely definable
Service descriptions also included the standards to be provided
determine as well as risks of construction price increases and deadlines
Minimize shifts. Weber and Henneken point out that loud
an investigation by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Finance of the
Efficiency advantage after conclusion of contract is an average of 15 percent.
For these reasons, we believe that public-private
Partnerships could also be interesting for Bocholt ??, said the two
Group leaders.

According to the joint application, the administration should therefore check which one
The result is an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. In addition, four are said to be
Further questions to be clarified: On the one hand, the CDU and FDP want to know whether it is
Restrictions on the usability of real estate exist within the framework of a
PPP model to be built. Furthermore, what experiences others
Municipalities made with it and whether different effects depending on
Investment amount are recognizable. Finally, the political groups want
know whether the additional or reduced costs in advance after a term
of 30 years in total between the PPP model and
Let self-financing be determined.

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