Ecumenical Bible Week at the Apostle Church

Warm invitation to the ecumenical Bible Week of the Evangelical Apostle Church and
the Catholic parish of St. Josef.

This year's Bible Week takes place from 9.3. -12.3.20 in the community center
der Apostelkirche, Biemenhorster Weg 15. The evenings always start at
19.30 Uhr.

The Bible Week focuses on “Don't forget…”
Book of the Old Testament that many people in today
unknown and strange: Deuteronomy (Deuteronomy 5).

The Ecumenical Bible Week 2020 shows that Deuteronomy is much more:
a "gospel" that shows the passionate relationship between God and
Human being has a historical work that is identity for the
Formulated future, and a text that answers the questions of a
fast-paced and technological world.

The Ecumenical Bible Week is based on the following text units:

1. Dtn 31,1-13; 34,1-12 (God moves ahead)
2. Deut 5,1-22 (I am your God)
3. Dtn 6,4-9; 6,20-25 (faithfulness to God)
4. Dtn 7,1-10; 28,45-57 (blessing and curse)
5. Dtn 8 (gratitude)
6. Dtn 10,17-19; 15,1-15 (humanity)
7. Dtn 30 (choose life)

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