Ecumenical pulpit exchange of the Apostle Church with St. Joseph

On the 31.3. becomes in the apostolic church pastor Andreas Hagemann of the
Catholic parish of St. Joseph preach to us. While pastor Hagemann
in the evangelical church services (9.30 clock Christ and 11.00 clock
Apostle Church) preaches on this Sunday, Pastor Wahl will be on Sunday at 9
Clock in the Ewaldi church, at 10 clock in Maria Trösterin and 11.15 clock in St.
Joseph preach. This pulpit exchange takes place for the second time. By
common Bible Weeks, school and Schützenfestgottesdienste know each other
Preacher for some time. In addition, there are mixed denominational families, so
that some families more often a Catholic or Protestant
Attend worship.

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