Olivia Schwarzbach wins regional decision in reading aloud

Olivia Schwarzbach wins regional decision in reading aloud

Olivia Schwarzbach, students of the Josefschule, Marie Paeßens (St. Bernhard-Schule) and Julian Krühler (elementary school association Ludgerus) from Bocholt win the regional decision of the fourth grade.
A total of nine children from Bocholt and Rhede faced the challenge of reading aloud in front of the camera on nine individual appointments in the media center of the Bocholt city library.
The selection of books to be read from was as varied as the children themselves. “All of the children presented their prepared text very well and it was great fun to listen to them,” reports Claudia Alders from the city library. It got tricky with the unknown text, which was the same for all children in the Borken district. Here Olivia Schwarzbach, Marie Paeßens and Julian Krühler were able to convince the most.

“Although we were a little sad that the competition couldn't take place in front of an audience as usual, all the children were very happy that there was still a digital option this year,” says Claudia Alders.
Jury evaluation from the home office

This time, the jury evaluation did not take place in the Bocholt City Library, but at home. All jury members received the pre-recorded reading videos digitally. It was important to create the most realistic conditions possible. “We are pleased that the five reading experts from the Borken district have embarked on this digital experiment,” says Melanie Tenhumberg, director of the Bocholt City Library.

The decision of the jury was communicated to the children via video message. Jule Wanders, Head of the Department of Culture and Education, has now announced the names of the winners on the YouTube channel of the Bocholt City Library. The waiting time for the decision could all be embellished at home by reading the foreign text that each child received after reading aloud.
The three winning children could also look forward to book vouchers.
It is still unclear whether the reading competition will also go to the district decision for the fourth grades as usual. It still has to be clarified whether competition can be made possible under corona protection conditions.

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