Easter egg hunt through roadstead

Easter egg hunt through roadstead

Last Wednesday, March 31.03.2021st, XNUMX, the Easter rally started in the best weather in the contact point. Of course, in compliance with all Corona rules, the families were able to set out to follow the trail of the Easter bunny through roadstead. It all started for families. It was a matter of finding eggs, solving puzzles and playing games of skill in order to receive the well-deserved surprise at the destination. “Even if it is different this year than usual, it was a really nice day and a welcome change for everyone!” Says a delighted manager Maria Twents. Because the vacation program is a popular offer for families, it was completely clear to the team that they would come up with something for the Easter vacation that is possible despite all the restrictions. “After more than a year of a pandemic, many families are feeling nervous. Wherever we can, we signal that we are there - and of course we want to encourage people to persevere and, despite all worries, get involved in small moments of happiness in everyday life, ”says Maria Twents.
Parallel to the rally, the tree at the contact point was decorated with self-designed Easter eggs in the past few days. The children could do handicrafts at home and then hang their eggs on the tree. A small colorful symbol from families for families and of course a greeting from the team: Happy Easter!

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