Easter breakfast at the Apostelkirche Bocholt - please register!

The Protestant parish Bocholt, Apostelkirche, invites you to their
Easter church services on Easter Sunday. There is one at 7 clock
Easter early church service with baptism reminder and 11 clock the
Easter service in the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15 in Bocholt.

In between, the traditional breakfast will take place on Easter Sunday.
08.00 clock ?? between the two services ?? instead of. Who on
Easter breakfast must be registered in advance. For a good
In preparation, we would like to ask you to inform Ms. Menker (Tel 225464)
if you want to take part in the Easter breakfast, with how many persons you
Participate in it and what you can possibly contribute to the buffet.

Protestant Apostle Church Bocholt

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