Pastor Ursula August advertises interreligious dialogue

Pastor Ursula August advertises interreligious dialogue
Apostle Church Bocholt

Bocholt Rhede-Isselburg. According to Ms. August, 7 years are living in Turkey today
long Protestant pastor in Istanbul, only 0,12% German-speaking Christians
compared to the Islamic majority society, however that is
Together in everyday life shaped by invitations to common celebrations
and religious events. The mayors invite you to break the fast,
as well as the Christian communities Christmas cards to the Muslim
and Jewish communities. This is something everyone feels. The
Lecture in the premises of the apostle church was peppered with
historical, vivid and authentic pictures from Turkey. The
The teacher's dedication to the country on the Bosporus was clearly felt.
Pastor August also spoke clear words on the presidential system and also on the
EU accession of Turkey. Especially the subsequent discussion, which was marked
of openness and esteem, but also of fears and
Misunderstandings, showed that there is still a lot to do in Bocholt.
There may have been answers yesterday to the question of why more
German Turks Erdogan have paved the way to the presidential system, as
Turks living in Turkey. The event took place in cooperation of
VHS Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg, Evangelical Apostle Church Bocholt and Ditib
Bocholt - Turkish-Islamic community to Bocholt eV instead. It will be one
Repetition or continuation, also in the press
will be published. (F. Boland)

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