Picnic Dialogue prepares tourist experts in the region for the Münsterland picnic days

Picnic Dialogue prepares tourist experts in the region for the Münsterland picnic days

MÜNSTERLAND / GREVEN. At the invitation of the Münsterland eV yesterday morning, more than 40 tourism professionals from all over the Münsterland came to Greven for a picnic dialogue. Goal: Exchange ideas on picnics, develop ideas and get in the mood for the Münsterland picnic days in summer.

"Picnic should become a trademark of the region," said Melanie Schlüters, head of the Picnic³ project at Münsterland eV. "To make it work, we want to support the actors in the Münsterland by organizing picnics. For example with concepts, guidelines, tips on picnic equipment, marketing and so on. ”

The highlight of this year are the Münsterland picnic days. They start on June 18 - the International Picnic Day - and continue until June 21, the Münsterland Palace and Castle Day. The format is designed to get locals, tourists, companies and guests on the blanket and inspire them for picnics - with large and small picnics, indoors and outdoors, at castles, in parks, in unusual places and in particular with good and regional delicacies.
At the picnic dialogue in Greven, numerous tourism experts have already announced that they are supporting the format in their town or municipality with an event.
Birgit Rudolph, managing director of “Rheine. Tourism. Events eV ”and Bernadette Gocken, owner of“ Gocken's Haus und Garten ”, present their experiences with picnics in practice.

Michael Kösters, General Representative and Tourism Expert at Münsterland eV: “There are already a few large picnic events in the Münsterland that show how it can be done. For example the summer night dreams at Nordkirchen Castle, the star picnic in Lüdinghausen or the summer night picnic in Horstmar. In the future, we want to establish another format with the Münsterland picnic days and show what the region has to offer. It will only be a success if as many as possible take part. ”

Around noon, the Münsterland eV invited all guests to a Münsterländer snack in the form of a picnic with products from the region. The participants exchanged intensively until the afternoon. "The response was so positive that further picnic dialogues should follow," concluded Melanie Schlüters.

Anyone planning a picnic as part of the Münsterland picnic days will be advised and supported by the Münsterland eV Contact: Melanie Schlüters (02571 949332, schlueters@muensterland.com) and André Thater (02571 949337, thater@muensterland.com).


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