Press release regarding the decision of the local authority in relation to the old celebration guard / Ewibo

Bärbel Sauer, City Councilor for the Bocholt Social List in the City Council of Bocholt

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Attached you will receive the opinion of the municipal supervision of the district of Borken and its district administrator Dr. Dr. Kai Zwicker.

Some comments on my part:

On page 3, the last paragraph shows that the mayor, Mr. Peter Nebelo, had assured the local authority that there would be a specific council decision regarding cutting and pricing (property parameters).

Again, it is noted on page 4 that the mayor intends to take this again, i.e. the missing parameters that I have criticized, into another decision.

It also states: "Against this background, there are no objections to the legality of the decision that was initially taken as a fundamental political decision at the meeting on October 09.10.2019, XNUMX."

The mayor was given the opportunity to fill the missing legal gap.

It is therefore clear that the decision would have been different if the mayor had not made this additional promise / declaration to the local authority.

The complaint, especially here, was rightly so.

I still see the other points critically.

With best regards,

Rainer Sauer
the electorate community
Social list Bocholt
in the city council Bocholt
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