Town Hall monument - and would have had, bicycle chain ...

Town Hall monument - and would have had, bicycle chain ...


The local election is approaching. A visible sign of this is the increased number of requests from political parties. If you do not find news, you just like to dig old stuff again. Like now the social list. She wants to know from Mayor Peter Nebelo how it was then so in terms of monument protection with the Unterschutzstellung the Town Hall on Berliner Platz exactly. The answer has long been known. The city administration knew this at an early stage, but kept silent until all opposition periods had expired. And that's what she declared as a "communication breakdown". Mayor Peter Nebelo has taken responsibility for it. And the city council meeting accepted grumbling. Consequences (as always)

"Blame yourself" should be called to the Council. And this is also how Landrat Dr. Kai Zwicker. In a response to the complaint of a Bocholterin in terms of heritage protection of the Bocholt City Hall, the Made in Bocholt is present, says the head of the municipal supervision in Borken, that the policy itself could have been active.

Background: Basically, monument protection is a so-called business of day-to-day administration, about which the Council need not be informed. It looks different when it is an important matter. Only bad luck that does not regulate the church order exactly what is actually important. The decision is left to the mayor. And so the circle closes.

However, since there was already a political discussion about the possible renovation of the town hall, the importance in this case is exceptionally out of the question and Peter Nebelo should have informed the city council. But - would have had, bicycle chain - he did not do it. And in the opinion of the municipal supervisors, the Council did not oppose this "assessment of the mayor either". "He has raised no objections and has not claimed the right to seize the matter (§14 para. 3 GO)," said in a letter from Dr. Ing. Kai Zwicker.

In other words, the Council should have instructed the mayor at an early stage to inform him in good time in all matters relating to the town hall. Then the case would not have been a running business of administration. Remember: Trust is good, control is better. And that's exactly what the law wants. Years ago that would probably not have happened. But back then there was a real opposition in Bocholt with the SPD, which did not have to take account of a party colleague in the administrative top ...

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