Council decision on Nordring: Social list contradicts CDU man Kerkhoff

Council decision on Nordring: Social list contradicts CDU man Kerkhoff
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Council decision on the Nordring:
Social list contradicts CDU man Kerkhoff

The mayor candidate of the CDU, Mr. Kerkhof, claims at an election campaign event and in the media that a decision on the citizens of the Nordring cannot be made under the municipal code.

Bärbel Sauer, city councilor for the Bocholt Socialist Community in the Bocholt City Council, considers this to be nonsense and explains:

"The plans for the Nordring date back to ancient times, and the actual cost of millions is not yet known. A citizen's decision is of course possible. The CDU candidate for the mayoral election is apparently not quite in the subject. Trying to end the topic in formal legal terms is clearly a clap against more democracy and citizen participation. With such a controversial topic in particular, it is important to promote the community instead of dividing the Bocholt citizens into supporters of the North Ring and opponents of the North Ring. Bocholt does not need “paragraph riders”, Bocholt needs ideas on how the Nordring problem can be solved in such a way that everyone benefits and that neither the residents are left behind with their concerns there, nor is nature destroyed there and climate protection ultimately falls behind . "

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