Council majority does not want "climate emergency" for Bocholt

Council majority does not want "climate emergency" for Bocholt

For some it was more of a symbolic act, for others it was a sign of blind populism. In the end, the bourgeois majority of CDU, City Party, FDP and Mayor Peter Nebelo (SPD) prevailed in the city council and spoke against calling out the demand for climate change demanded by the SPD for Bocholt. "We are already doing the maximum," city building officer Daniel Zöhler had previously meant.

From the beginning, a heated debate developed. While the SPD, the Social List, the Greens and the Left wanted to follow the example of cities like Münster, Telgte or Konstanz and oblige politicians to consider climate change in every decision in the future, all others were strongly against it. "Blind Actionism", so their argument. The administration was against it. Burkhard Henneken (FDP) warned against limiting himself. He hinted that the traditional Bocholter Kirmes, which will eventually produce 60 tonnes of garbage, could also be on the verge.

Town Planning Council Zöhler thought it was absurd, that of all the Climate Community Bocholt wanted to exclaim the climate emergency. Anyone who does such a thing, on the other hand, can not seriously decide to expand the industrial park in Mussum, according to one of his arguments. In the end, a majority of 26 Council members opposed the motion of the SPD.

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