Rhede suddenly slaughterhouse workers Corona hotspot

Rhede suddenly slaughterhouse workers Corona hotspot
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According to the Dutch health service Noord-en Oost-Gelderland (GGD), a meat processing company in Groenlo had a total of 19 people living in the Borken district (Gronau 9, Rhede 5, Bocholt 1, Borken 2, Vreden 1, Oeding 1) tested on Corona. The victims and their direct contacts were immediately quarantined and the living environment of the infected was largely checked on Wednesday evening. In Rhede alone, 105 people were tested by the DRK in this context. At the same time, their apartments were inspected. No serious hygiene deficiencies were found.

The test results came from Rhede yesterday. There are 16 other positive cases there. The infected people were quarantined by the city of Rhede.
60 test results from the Netherlands are still pending, although it cannot be estimated whether and how the Borken district could be affected. According to a communication from the Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA - authority responsible for monitoring producers, importers and retailers for compliance with food and consumer goods laws and regulations), the slaughterhouse of the internationally active food company Vion in Groenlo has now been closed.
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