Red Cross welcomes paramedic trainees

Red Cross welcomes paramedic trainees

Borken district (drk-press). The Red Cross in the district of Borken has hired four young people who are being trained as emergency paramedics. The aid organization thus underlines its high standard of training, combined with excellent quality. The Red Cross operates four rescue stations in Gescher, Vreden, Südlohn and Isselburg in the Borken district. The district authority of Borken is responsible for the rescue service in the region.
President Aloys Eiting, CEO Jürgen Puhlmann, Beatrix Grohn, board member of the Red Cross, and the head of the rescue service, Jürgen Rave, welcomed the four of them at the Red Cross Center in Borken with a DRK “school cone”. Everyone is united in wanting to help people, they emphasized in the DRK press service:

• Lina Schütte (19) from Gescher: “I enjoy helping people. And that's why I want to turn my hobby into a job. I have already learned a lot at the local DRK club in Gescher. "

• Julian Steffen (19) from Borken graduated from high school and then trained as an IT assistant: “I have learned that dealing with people is more my thing and I look forward to a demanding training. It will surely demand a lot from us. "

• Florian Kubart (19) from Maria Veen: “I have already done a lot of medical services in the local DRK club in Reken and I have to say that this is the right thing for me. As a later paramedic, I would like to be able to stand by people when they get in need. "

• Tristan Claushues (18) lives in Vreden and is a volunteer for the local DRK association Stadtlohn: “I did my Abitur and have always been interested in health and social issues. The training to become an emergency paramedic is demanding and will demand a lot from us. "

The trainee quartet was lucky, even if a three-year difficult and demanding apprenticeship is still ahead of them. "We received several hundred applications from all over Germany for the job advertisements," explains Jürgen Rave. “The job is very popular.” The requirements are correspondingly high: everyone had to qualify and pass tests, among other things in the areas of general knowledge, rescue services, in sports with skill and endurance training.

After getting to know the Rotkreuz-Zentrum at Röntgenstrasse 6, the four of them went to the fire and rescue service academy in Bocholt for the first day of training.


Welcoming the four new paramedic trainees at the Red Cross in the Borken district with DRK school cones (front from left): Florian Kubat, Lina Schütte, Tristan Claushues and Julian Steffen. Back from left: Jürgen Rave, Head of Rescue Service, Aloys Eiting, President, as well as the board members Beatrix Grohn and Jürgen Puhlmann.

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