Seminar lighting technology at the weekend in the Apostelkirche

Start free for 2 technical training courses in lighting technology (08.-09.02.2020
in Bocholt) and sound engineering (March 28-29.03.2020, XNUMX in Borghorst)

The training is aimed at everyone who uses modern event technology in the
want to use Protestant youth work.
Previous knowledge is very helpful, but not mandatory.

The contents of the lighting technology seminar are:

· Use and operation of a modern light mixer (desk and
freeware software version)
(MA dot2core or onPC)

· Lighting tasks with mobile lighting equipment (battery and
radio-operated Apelabs headlights)

· Use and operation of LED headlights and moving heads (cameo,
Martin Rush)

· Planning and implementation of events based on examples
the district church youth work (DMX patch plans, show files,
Stage directions)

The contents of the sound engineering seminar are:

· Use and operation of a digital sound mixer including a digital one
Stage box (X32 and Midas DL32)

· Public address tasks with an active subwoofer system (Nova audio
Europe 601plus)

· Use and operation of a 6 channel monitor system (dB arena 12pro,
Camco Q-Power)

· Planning and implementation of events using examples
the district church youth work (channel allocation plans, mixing tips with
Multitrack Session)

Information under <>
registration under
Online registration Technik 2020

At both seminars, high-quality material is used in practice
mobile system units used. This material is fun ... and brings
you and our children's and youth activities in western Münsterland
guaranteed further.
We look forward to people who learn and use this equipment as a team
want to test and apply the skills they have learned.

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