Summer heat: 36 missions for the emergency doctor and fire brigade

Summer heat: 36 missions for the emergency doctor and fire brigade
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The emergency services of the Bocholt Fire and Rescue Service had to complete a total of 31.07.2020 missions between 8 a.m. and 00 p.m. on Friday, July 22, 00. A large part of the midsummer weather accounted for the ambulance service with twelve patient transports and 36 emergency operations, for which both the ambulance and the emergency vehicle were alerted in three operations.

The fire truck moved out to two companies where the fire alarm systems detected an alarm. Fortunately, no major damage has occurred. A triggered home smoke detector on the Lavendelweg also turned out to be a false alarm. In addition, three dogs were caught by the emergency services and handed over to the shelter or its owners.

For the measuring vehicle (ABC exploration vehicle) of the Bocholt fire department, a major fire went to Velen. There was a lot of smoke as a result of the fire. The special measuring devices available in the vehicle can detect airborne pollutants. The Bocholt fire department is involved in the emergency plans of the Borken district.

In the afternoon, the rescue vehicle and turntable ladder moved out to Hohe Giethorst street. Due to the continuing drought, a branch had broken out of a 15 m high birch tree. After the first exploration, the fire brigade was supported by ESB-Bocholt. The assignment continued into the evening hours.

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