Social list Bocholt demands: sell old town hall for one euro, build new town hall with event hall!

Social list Bocholt demands: sell old town hall for one euro, build new town hall with event hall!
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Social list Bocholt demands:
Sell ​​the old town hall for one euro, build a new town hall with an event hall!

The Bocholt Social List does not want to put up with the fact that 50 million euros of tax money is being pumped into the town hall renovation, "and an urgently required event hall is simply ignored," emphasizes the voters' community.

In a corresponding citizens' application to Mayor Peter Nebelo, the Social List is now asking - to minimize costs and solve the problem - to sell the town hall on Berliner Platz to the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe for a symbolic price of one euro. And instead of building a new town hall with a theater and event hall on the brewery site on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. "If the regional association of Westphalia-Lippe does not accept the offer, the town hall should be advertised nationwide for purchase for a symbolic price of one euro," said councilor Bärbel Sauer.

Furthermore, the electoral community suggests that the purchaser should make the town hall primarily usable as a cultural and leisure facility - and with appropriate offers for all citizens. "However, the city of Bocholt should remain the property owner". In addition, according to Bärbel Sauer, the council should carry out a citizens' decision in order to involve the citizens in the decisions by voting. "Who would be responsible for the event hall, whether the community foundation Bocholt or the city of Bocholt, would still have to be clarified." By the end of August, however, the administration should first draw up a statement with advantages and disadvantages and submit it to the city council, including the costs.


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