Social list wants more seats and calls for action against vacancy

Social list wants more seats and calls for action against vacancy
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The voter community Social List Bocholt demands more seats. "For an aging generation, there are not enough benches in Bocholt to rest as a pedestrian during the walk. Especially in the neighborhoods a deficit of benches can be detected. But not only the older generation is affected, even families with children. For this purpose, money should be put into the budget, "it says in a request by Councilor Bärbel Sauer for the budget 2020.

In addition, it calls for measures for visually and handicapped sidewalks, pedestrian precincts and curbs. Because, according to Bärbel Sauer, "Citizens who rely on a wheelchair or walker or are visually impaired, increasingly experience in Bocholt that not a few sidewalks and curbs are completely unsuitable for this purpose. That's a real problem. Therefore, it is imperative to record intensively where improvements need to be made and how to progressively implement them. "

In addition, the electorate community considers it necessary to improve and expand public transport services in the evenings and at weekends through additional attractive travel offers. Bärbel Sauer: "The offer of the city bus GmbH is completely inadequate in the evening hours and on weekends. In order to close the gaps nationwide it is possible to additionally purchase small transport vehicles - although handicapped accessible. This would make a good contribution to making public transport in Bocholt more attractive and geared towards passenger needs. There was already a successful model trial in Duisburg (on Demand). Both the cost of the tickets and the service are designed to attract more citizens to public transport. The needs - also for the night hours - find out is technically possible. Implementation is thus no risk. It is important that such additional offers are transferred to Stadtbus GmbH. True to the motto: "public transport from one source!".

Furthermore, Bärbel Sauer is calling for measures to eliminate vacancies in the city center. "The vacancy in Bocholt is still visible. It does not really move in terms of vacancy, except the retailer ever move to another location in the city center or move other service providers. Non-rented retail stores do not leave a good impression on foreign visitors. In addition, non-living spaces take damage to their substance and thus become unattractive in the long term for a rental. There are certainly many reasons why vacancies exist in Bocholt. Everything can and will be speculated. What is it really? What can be done against it successfully. This can only be found out if the vacancy and its causes are actually examined. Such an investigation is urgently needed. The investigation provides indications of the elimination of vacancies and thus possibilities for action for a lively inner city.

The Social List also advocates more transparency and citizen participation through live broadcasting of council sessions via video on the Internet and the establishment of a Youth Parliament, so as to "give young people their own forum to engage in urban politics and bring their ideas can. A Youth Parliament is an appropriate platform for this, in which all specific matters concerning young citizens can be exchanged and collected. The Youth Parliament should also be given the opportunity to comment on all matters relating to the city council and thus to have a say, as far as possible decisions of the city council are affected. "For the election, composition and size of the youth parliament must be separately from the city council a regulation Bärbel Sauer points out in the application.

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