City rejects further corona funding for the time being

City rejects further corona funding for the time being

The SPD wanted to have 20.000 euros secured in the 2021 budget for a funding fund to finance corona-related additional expenditure for retailers, businesses and self-employed persons and had submitted a corresponding application to the main and finance committee. Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff, the administration and the CDU were against it. “To what extent additional funds will be required in the next year, also taking into account state or federal funding programs, cannot yet be said. Should measures be necessary in these areas in 2021, a corresponding decision can also be made at short notice, ”was her argument in the main and finance committee.

In addition, reference was made to the past support: “For the voucher campaign alone, which was very well received, one million euros was made available over budget. Retail and trade have also benefited from this, ”said the session draft. Another 20.000 euros would not be the right instrument in the right amount at the right time, it said.

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