City party calls for new Bocholt housing association

City party calls for new Bocholt housing association

The city party changes its mind. Up until now she had always held up to EWIBO and called for it to be expanded into a housing association. Now she is applying for a new and independent housing association in Bocholt. Although at the present time no results of the public prosecutor's investigations are available, one gets the impression that “the administration is already considering to outsource the existing urban real estate portfolio and to rearrange the housing construction that is still urgently needed”, according to a press release in support of the reason.

Should it turn out that EWIBO cannot take on the politically wanted role as a municipal housing company, decided by a large majority in the council, for legal reasons, the alternative for the city party would be clear: Bocholt then needs the re-establishment of a Bocholt housing company.

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