City party considers decision against main track to Mussum to be ineffective

City party considers decision against main track to Mussum to be ineffective

The city party demands that the decision of the main and finance committee, passed with the votes of the CDU, FDP and the mayor on Wednesday, not to renovate the railway switch to the main track to Mussum and thus actually shut down the line to the industrial area, is not implemented. Reason for the so-called “suspension of enforcement”: “There are two resolutions from the past that have not yet been implemented and thus question the effectiveness of the current resolution. First of all there is the decision of December 19.12.2012, XNUMX. Then the mayor is commissioned to transfer the industrial main track to the Bocholt Railway Association. Although all the requirements of the railway association have been met, the decision has not yet been implemented, ”writes parliamentary group leader Dieter Hübers.

Another decision per integration of the connecting switch3 (industrial trunk line), with a voting result: 25 yes-votes and 20 no-votes there were from 23.11.2016. “For the city party, the question arises today, can two legally binding council resolutions be passed over by a new resolution without the council having to revoke the old resolutions beforehand?” Continues Hübers. This is exactly what Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff has to clarify now.

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