Start of the picnic season

Yesterday, the Harkotten manor house and the Münsterland eV showed how to picnic in style with punch, fireplace and picnic baskets. 60 guests came in all weathers and enjoyed Münsterland specialties in the historic heraldic hall of the manor house.
The winter picnic at Harkotten manor house showed yesterday evening that green lawns and high temperatures are not always necessary for a picnic. 60 picnickers had dared to experiment and were enchanted by the torch-lit hike, winter punch and indoor picnic in the historic heraldic hall. The Herrenhaus Harkotten together with the Münsterland eV had invited

“The Münsterland is a picnic area. Nowhere else are there so many perfect picnic spots for taking a break on the blanket, in summer and winter, ”emphasized Melanie Schlüters from Münsterland eV“ A picnic is sociable, close to nature and down-to-earth, just like the people in the Münsterland. We also have lots of delicious regional dishes that are great for a picnic. ”

The guests were also able to experience this: After a tour of the (men's) in-house forest, young and old were given the warming "Münsterländer winter punch" from the Münsterland seal to warm up and tune in, which features regional products from the Münsterland region.

Afterwards, with a good appetite, we went to the historic coat of arms, where the culinary highlight was waiting: lovingly prepared, small picnic boxes with regional specialties, packed by Münsterland food bloggers. Contents: Münsterland specialties, reinterpreted. This includes, for example, jovel salad in a glass with nibbles, zucchini ham pancake or Westphalian gods dish with pumpernickel crispy.

The guests sat down enthusiastically on straw bales and enjoyed the contents of their picnic boxes in a cozy, historic fireplace atmosphere.
“We love picnicking in summer, so we were particularly curious about the winter version. And I have to say: This is going really well, ”said a visitor who took part in the winter picnic with her husband.

Anyone who could no longer register for the fully booked event was given hope by Freiherr Ferdinand von Korff from the Harkotten manor: “We are delighted by the positive feedback from the guests and would like to continue to play on the topic of picnics in the future. Because it fits perfectly with our house and the Münsterland as a region of palaces and castles. ”The event was free of charge for the guests. Whoever wanted could donate to the manor's association at the exit.

The winter picnic heralds the picnic season in the Münsterland and is a first harbinger of the Münsterland picnic days from June 18 to 21, 2020. These are themed “MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE. ”And pass into the Palace and Castle Day on June 21, when numerous houses - such as the Harkotten manor house - open their doors.

In the future, Münsterland eV would like to encourage actors across Münsterland to make the topic of picnics tasty for locals and guests. Melanie Schlüters: "Because I am certain that many Münsterlanders have already packed their baskets and are just waiting for a good opportunity."

All recipes invite you to cook, make you want to picnic and will also get up in the coming weeks ready.

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