Foundation festival in songs with curling tournament

Last Saturday, the 18.05.2019, the annual foundation festival of DJK songs was celebrated in Liedener Vereinsheim am Hagelkreuz. The celebrations started traditionally with coffee and cake, while for the little visitors face painting and a bouncy castle as well as various play options were available.

After the welcome of the guests, the honorary member Klemens Giesing and the honorary chairman Josef Tekloth by the first chairman Matthias Schmeink followed a varied program of musical contributions and sports performances. The Liedener and loaded minstrels from Werth, Lowick / Feldmark, Mussum and Suderwick made in the change with the club's sports groups for afternoon entertainment. For 25 years membership in the marching band Michael Lensing and Johannes Schmeink were honored this year. Tobias Baumann received a certificate for 20 years. The children's sports groups around Theresa Tepasse and Elisa Willing started the insight into the sporting offer of the DJK. In the further course presented the different equipment and floor gymnastics around Ewald Schmeink, Fritz Small Rüschkamp, ​​Lena Giesing, Marise Schnelting and Maja Piegsa varied performances at the bars, at the rings and with the trampoline.

On the grounds now various delicacies from the grill were offered, before the foundation celebration in the evening program with curling tournament passed. With music from the DJ booth, 16 teams fought passionately for the trophy and grill package the winner was allowed to take home. In the end, the veteran footballers won against the shooting club board, which had come under the name "Mach the Hilfert". Third was the defending champion, the Pockenheine women & Friends.

At the foundation festival next year, when the DJK Lieder celebrates its 111 anniversary, the DJK would like to point out in advance. The party is celebrated on the 27.06.2020.

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