Students start their training at Kreis Borken

Students start their training at Kreis Borken

Borken district. A new phase of life is now beginning for ten young people: a “Bachelor of Science” and nine “Bachelor of Laws” students started their training in the Borken district administration on Tuesday (September 1st). Nine of them will already start their dual studies for the “Bachelor of Laws” at the University of Police and Public Administration in Münster on Friday. One of them begins the dual course of study for a “Bachelor of Science Informatik.Softwaresysteme” in the IT area. As part of his studies, which take place at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt, he is also training to become an IT specialist. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker, together with training manager Gisela Röder, welcomed the new employees on their first day: "I am pleased that you are interested in training with us in the district administration."
From A to Z, from the immigration office to the registration office - the later areas of application are varied and demanding. “The well-founded training - practical sections in the district administration in combination with studying at the University of Public Administration in Münster - opens up a wide range of opportunities and further training opportunities,” said the district administrator at the welcome. "So use the training time to qualify accordingly." The district administration, which of course depends on motivated young administrators, can also benefit from this.
Lea Bomkamp from Südlohn, Melissa Hollands from Bocholt, Antonia Lensen from Dorsten, Nele Schweers from Borken, Sophia Schwering from Borken, Franziska Stegger from Borken, Lara Sundrum from Velen-Ramsdorf and Michael Tenk have started the training to become a “Bachelor of Laws” from Borken and Daniel Venns from Velen. Andre Bollmann from Bocholt is trained as a “Bachelor of Science”.
According to training manager Gisela Röder, the large number of applications showed that the Borken district is an attractive employer. There were a total of around 165 for the dual study places and there are again many interested parties for 2021. That is certainly due to the appealing framework conditions: various apprenticeships, flexible working hours and interesting training opportunities.
As early as August 1st, five administrative clerks, five administrative administrators and a trainee geomaticist began their vocational training at the district. A total of 67 young men and women are currently completing an apprenticeship in the Borken district building. On December 1, 2020, three women with previous medical training will also start training as hygiene inspectors - against the background of the corona pandemic, another reinforcement for the district health office.
More information on the training and study programs of the district administration is available on the website

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