Suspects end up in the ditch with a stolen motorboat and trailer

Suspects end up in the ditch with a stolen motorboat and trailer

On Wednesday night, a police car crew came across a silver-colored Ford Focus station wagon at around 02.15 a.m. on the Up de Welle street - with an attached boat trailer and motorboat. The officers turned to conduct a traffic control. The driver of the station wagon then accelerated and drove along Am Hünting in the direction of Am Efing.

At the intersection with Moddenborgstrasse, the officers found that the boat trailer on Moddenborgstrasse had been uncoupled and left in the middle of the roadway. The driver of the Ford station wagon continued on. His trail could be followed on the fresh blanket of snow - it led to the confluence of Morshüttenstegge / Finkenberg, where a silver-colored Ford Focus station wagon was in the right ditch.

The two vehicle occupants from Isselburg, the 41-year-old driver and his 34-year-old co-driver, stood on the road - neither were injured.

Neither of them wanted to have anything to do with the boat trailer and for the boat engine (outboard motor) being transported in the car, they both had an unbelievable explanation ready.

The boat owner could not be reached during the night. The boat was seized, including the trailer and outboard. Schollstrasse was identified as the scene of the theft.

The 41-year-old was under the influence of amphetamines based on the results of a drug test, so that a doctor took a blood sample from him in order to be able to precisely prove the drug consumption.

In addition, he does not have a valid driver's license and the car was advertised for decommissioning because taxes were not paid. The officers unstamped the license plate and forbade the 41-year-old, who was known to the police, to continue driving.

The photo shows a view of the interior of the Ford Focus and thus of the transported boat engine.

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