"Tele emergency doctor" now on duty at the Borken fire and rescue station

"Tele emergency doctor" now on duty at the Borken fire and rescue station

The expansion of the emergency doctor system (TNA system) in the Borken district is progressing: The Borken rescue station is now the second to use this system in the Borken district. "I am pleased that the further development of our rescue service is progressing so well and that now, with Borken, the next location in the district is using the tele-emergency doctor system," said District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker at the presentation in Borken. This means that the Borken district continues to play a pioneering role in matters of tele-emergency doctor in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is important that the TNA works in addition to the “real” emergency doctor. With the steadily increasing number of emergency services and a foreseeable shortage of emergency doctors in the future, especially in rural areas, the TNA represents a highly effective addition and relief option in emergency medical care. The district of Borken is switching to digital solutions in the rescue service at the TNA headquarters specialized company “umlaut telehealthcare” in Aachen.

An emergency doctor is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an emergency, this is connected online by sound and image to the ambulance and thus to the emergency paramedics. “In this way, the tele-emergency doctor can think about the operation in front of his computer. It is also important that, if necessary, even the surroundings can be shown in the picture, ”explained Hanjo Groetschel, medical director of the rescue service in the Borken district. Since the most modern telecommunication technology is used, several cases can be accompanied by a TNA at the same time. The company “umlaut telehealthcare” has looked after more than 2014 rescue missions in this way since 25.000.

The live transmission of audio communication, vital parameters in real time, photos and videos from the scene allow the TNA to immediately get an exact picture of the patient. All available cellular networks that are bundled and deployed are used for this purpose. “In this way, the tele-emergency doctor can support the emergency services with medical advice, joint finding of a diagnosis and by delegating therapeutic measures,” Hanjo Groetschel made clear. In this way, in certain situations, you can either dispense with an on-site emergency doctor or bridge the period until his or her arrival on site.

The investment costs for this project amounted to around 20.000 euros. In addition, there are training costs for the emergency paramedics responsible and the running costs for the contract with the company “umlaut telehealthcare”. The following applies: The emergency doctor service in the Borken district is one of the few districts in North Rhine-Westphalia anchored in the emergency service requirement plan and is therefore fully refinanced by the health insurance companies.
"I am particularly pleased that we are the second location in the district in Borken that now uses the tele-emergency doctor service," said Borken's mayor, Mechtild Schulze Hessing, who was extremely pleased. Digitization helps that an emergency doctor can now also be called in digitally for rescue operations. So it is a significant improvement in emergency medical care for the population.
One of the ambulances from the Borken ambulance is already equipped with the appropriate technology. The employees were trained by the company “umlaut telehealthcare”. “The briefings went really well. The colleagues are looking forward to using the system, ”explained Stefan Döking, head of the Borken fire and rescue station. He sees this as a good complement to the “real” emergency doctor.

Caption: At the presentation of the new emergency doctor service at the Borken fire and rescue station: v. Left: Carsten Thien (Head of Rescue Service in the Borken District Safety and Order Department), Hanjo Groetschel (Medical Director of the Borken District Rescue Service), Mechtild Schulze Hessing (Mayor of the City of Borken), Olaf Fischedick (Paramedic), Melanie Hebing (Paramedic ), District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and Stefan Döking (Head of the Borken Fire and Rescue Station).

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