Tourism figures show the dramatic situation of businesses in the Münsterland

Tourism figures show the dramatic situation of businesses in the Münsterland

“It was in sight for a long time, but now we have it in black and white: the tourism figures in our region have plummeted due to the corona pandemic. A big setback for the very positive development of tourism over the past 30 years, ”says Michael Kösters, General Manager and Head of Tourism at the regional management organization Münsterland eV The tourism figures for the entire year were published today by Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen (IT.NRW) . "With 927.591 arrivals with a minus of 47,2 percent compared to 2019 and 2.405.394 overnight stays with a minus of 40,2 percent, we are on the demand side with values ​​like 1990."

The figures for rural regions and also the Münsterland are better than for some exhibition centers and large cities - but Kösters emphasizes: “That is no consolation, the industry and the companies in our region are suffering very much and are in need of quick financial support and easing soon reliant."

Kösters does not see any recovery in the travel market for 2021 either: “The year that has just started does not look any better. We expect very low figures for the entire first quarter due to the lockdown. In 2020, travel was still possible until mid-March, of course that is different this year. " His prognosis: “The time after Easter depends very much on the degree of relaxation, but there will not be unrestricted travel immediately afterwards either, and the population's trust in safe travel has fallen significantly in the past few months. That is why we are doing everything we can to bring the Münsterland back to the table as a safe holiday and excursion destination as soon as possible. "

A continuation of the “Dein MünsterLand Moment” campaign, which Münsterland eV launched last year together with Münster Marketing and the Initiative Starke Innenstadt Münster, is also planned. On the website www.YourMü, experience tips and holiday ideas were bundled and specifically advertised. And, according to Kösters, there will also be enough potential in 2021: “In the Münsterland we can offer many outdoor activities with the necessary safety and hygiene measures. Cycling, riding, picnicking - people can do that independently and with the necessary distance rules. "

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Münsterland eV has also been actively involved in the consultations at NRW level on how to deal with the pandemic and gradually relax the tourism industry. "Here we try to break a lance for the companies and advertise to show them perspectives," said Kösters in conclusion.

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