TSV Rhinos after two games standings

TSV Rhinos after two games standings

Last Saturday - with best football weather - TSV Bocholt Rhinos played their second season game in the national league NRW Ost, opponents this time: the Titans from Iserlohn. Despite multiple injury-related failures, the Bocholter managed to build on the performances of the past game against Kleve from the minute one, no doubt who the gentleman is on the court. With only three moves, the rhinos, in the person of Alexander Baranmowski, managed to find their way to the end zone of the guests. The subsequent extra point was transformed by Timo Funke, so that after less than two minutes 07: 00 stood for the home side. The touchdown festival took its place in front of 150 viewers before pausing with an 42: 00 lead. Amazingly positive was the fact that the Bocholter suffered no loss of quality from their failures, although some players played for the first time in a position, or how RB Timo Funke were able to play again after a long injury the first time. In the second half of the game, the home team's coaches began to spin cheerfully to give inexperienced players match practice and prepare for further action. This did not detract from the offense of point scoring, on the contrary: in the last two quarters of the game, the Bocholtern managed to score more 33 points on the scoreboard. The statistic of the game is more than commonplace, for example, the offense has managed to gain over 500 yards room gain. In attack of the team, Alexander Baranowski emerged as an absolute all-rounder. Not only did he score two touchdowns, he also caught two more passes from QB Emil Fohrer, so he added 24 points at the end of the game to give his team a home win.

It should be emphasized that the guests from Iserlohn delivered a very fair game and the players obviously had fun despite the bitter defeat. An image that is not omnipresent in amateur sports tends to frustrate and frustrate far too often. The Bocholt-based coach Max Klingberg found suitable words for his team after the game: "The boys have just finished the first two games of the season. It was hoped that we would emerge victorious from both games. However, the height of the victories dared not dream. We had a lot of downtime today, but the backups have shown that when it matters, they are level with the starters. However, I think it is much more important to note today how much we are a team and how great the cohesion is. Lukas, who was successfully operated on last week, was standing on the sidelines with his crutches to support his team. A gesture that speaks more than a thousand words. I'm proud of my team. Two games - two wins. Now it's time to clear your head and prepare for our next opponent Brilon. Two weeks of preparation time remain for the adversary analysis. "

The Bocholter occupied after two matchdays the first place in the league, and have scored the most points by far. Stand Today, they are also the only team in the league that has not yet scored points. Whether this is so against Brilon remains to be seen. The upcoming game is on Sunday the 02.06.2019 in Brilon, kick-off in the stadium "To Jakobuslinde" is at 15 o'clock.

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