About a Europe of freedom: EU politician Pieper at the Bürgerdialog in Bocholt

About a Europe of freedom: EU politician Pieper at the Bürgerdialog in Bocholt
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The EU is much more than a myth of the curvature of the cucumber or the
Bulb ban. Without the European Union, life would look like we did
know and appreciate today, different ?, Markus Pieper said on Monday evening
in the Rose Biketown in Bocholt clear. Around 70 citizens from the
entire county Borken are invited by the local MEP
followed by the civil dialogue. From the beginning, visitors were able to ask their questions
Europe and the EU, the Markus Pieper in the two-hour
Event detailed and detailed answers.

A focus in the dialogue took the ?? fate choice ?? like Pieper
the upcoming European elections call. Because when choosing the 26. May not do it
the question of whether we want more or less Europe. It's about the question
which Europe we will have ??, emphasized the EU politician. Therefore it is
enormously important that in the future European Parliament a strong political center
can oppose extremists and populists. For these groups
reject a liberal Europe, as we know it! ??, Pieper said.

Markus Pieper was particularly pleased that many young listeners to the
Civil Dialogue have come. So many young women and men like here in
Bocholt, I was allowed to welcome at any civil dialogue ??, was pleased
Pieper. Therefore, he also addressed the younger generation directly: Peace
and freedom, as we are currently experiencing, is by no means
Of course. Also, the many benefits, such as a single currency,
the freedom of travel or even the numerous educational offers, can only
guaranteed by a strong Europe. So we all have to
work together for a Europe of freedom. ??

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