Redirection of the city bus line C2 due to civil works

Redirection of the city bus line C2 due to civil works

Bocholt. As of Wednesday, 22.05.2019 the Lübecker Straße is due to civil engineering work between the Dortmunder road and the Hamburger Straße until 14.06.2019 fully blocked.
Affected by this is the line C2 (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), which during the blocking a diversion on Dortmunder road, Breslauer road and Hamburger road drives. As a result, the stop "Lübecker Straße" (located in the crossing area to Dortmunder Straße on the Lübecker Straße) lei-der not served.
During this period (22.05 to 14.06.2019), passengers have to switch from the blocked Lübecker Straße stops to either the Friedhof Süd or Hamburger Straße stops. These two stops are served regularly, so that the times published in the timetable apply unrestrictedly.
A notice on the not served stop points to the blocking.

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