Environmental policy with sense and understanding: CDU rejects climate emergency

The CDU parliamentary group in the council of the city Bocholt becomes the request of the SPD, the
To call out climate emergency in Bocholt, in the coming meeting of the
City Council on 12. Reject June. Burkhard explains this
Weber, chairman of the CDU parliamentary group:

Bocholt is a liveable city. And that should also be for our children and
Grandchildren stay that way. Therefore, for the CDU the preservation of
Biodiversity and the fight against climate change key concerns. We
pursue these goals with determination, with reason and a sense of proportion.

Populist demands, such as the proclamation of a climate emergency, rejects
the Bocholt CDU faction decided against. Because environmental protection is
no question of awkward actionism and pure populism. environmental Protection
is a question of concrete actions. The of the ?? after the last
Panicked election results ?? Bocholt SPD applied for symbolic policy
In the end, it does not take us one step further.

In contrast, the CDU Bocholt will continue for one
Use successful environmental policy with meaning and reason. That's why we become
on the one hand reject the ineffective proclamation of a climate emergency and on the
others continue our real-world approaches to environmental protection. Have so
For example, for the next meeting of the Environment Committee, we will have one
Request made on the containment of microplastics in Bocholt
aims. ??

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