Unusual: Council of elders pre-selects new department heads and treasurers

Unusual: Council of elders pre-selects new department heads and treasurers


As is well known, Bocholt is looking for an additional, third head of department. The (or the) should at the same time take over the duties of the treasurer Kai Elsweier (photo), who moved to the Märkischer Kreis. Six applicants were screened out of 43 entries. This sextet is now to be invited to a round of introductions on March 6th. Unusual: The preselection was not made by a technical committee or the council itself, but by the council of elders made up of the administrative board and the parliamentary group chairmen and supplemented by representatives of the AfD and the social list. Apparently, he now also conducts the job interviews - even though, according to the rules of procedure for the city council and its committees, he has no decision-making authority and is not allowed to discuss matters of the council or its committees.

For Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff this is not a problem. The council of elders only viewed the applications and made the pre-selection. "All parliamentary groups and also all members of the individual council know all the applications received," said city spokesman Karsten Tersteegen when asked by Made in Bocholt. The council of elders only makes suggestions. The main and finance committee will then officially decide on the procedure on March 3, who will be invited to an interview. The final election will be made later by the city council.

In this, however, members feel left out. Because, as it currently looks, they are supposed to decide in the main and finance committee as well as in the council on important personnel for Bocholt without having seen an applicant beforehand or knowing the alternatives personally.

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