Entrepreneurial women in the skilled trades look to the job market

Entrepreneurial women in the skilled trades look to the job market

The last few months have mixed up a lot, including on the job market. The effects of the corona pandemic were clearly felt there. The women entrepreneurs in the handicrafts from the Borken and Coesfeld districts, a working group of wives who work with them and independent handicraft entrepreneurs, asked experts from the employment agency to explain how great these effects were.

A significant increase in unemployment and short-time work at a record level: This is how Johann Meiners, head of the Coesfeld Employment Agency, outlined the development of the labor market for the entrepreneurial women at the beginning of the pandemic. Nevertheless, he was able to show that with the easing, the labor market slowly picked up again: "In the last three months in particular, we have been able to observe almost exclusively seasonal unemployment developments that can no longer be attributed to the corona pandemic."

He also sees the high numbers of short-time working from a positive side: “The instrument serves to avoid unemployment. In many cases this has been achieved with the help of short-time working. The high level of utilization shows how difficult the situation is for companies. Nevertheless, they are sticking to their employees, which is very gratifying. "

With a view to the skilled trades, he and Rolf Heiber, the operational manager of the Coesfeld Employment Agency, were able to show those present that the economic situation in this area of ​​the economy is much better than in many others. "So that as many skilled workers as possible are available here in the future, companies should invest in the qualification and further training of their own employees now," as Heiber emphasizes. The craft businesses are not alone in this. The employment agency offers comprehensive and individual support options.

With many new impressions, Juana Bleker, as chairwoman, thanked Meiners and Heiber from the employment agency on behalf of the women entrepreneurs in the trade from the Borken and Coesfeld districts, as well as the Coesfeld district craftsmen for providing the premises for the meeting.

Photo: from left to right Juana Bleker, Bocholt - UFH AK Borken 1st chairwoman, Johann Meiners, Head of the Coesfeld Employment Agency, Tatjana Lanvermann, Marbeck - UFH AK Borken 2nd chairwoman

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