Registration in the Bocholt shop

It's easy. You send us an email with your contact details We will quickly set up a shop for you. You will then receive an email from us with access data (please assign your password yourself) and another email with a brief explanation.

Only a few details about your business then have to be entered in the shop (address and so - everything is in the explanation). And now you can create the first products (name, description, price, category and photo - everything is explained).

Don't be surprised: We still check the first products for errors and then release them. If we notice that you have become more secure, we will activate shop management completely.

Your offers are instant on-line as well as visible in the Made-in-Bocholt app. The data comparison with ours Facebook Store takes place automatically via an external interface and can take a few hours.

We can offer a quick solution for traders who are considering installing their own webshop on their website. Online shops set up by us are automatically linked to the Made-in-Bocholt app, so that users can also order from you there. If you are interested, just send us an email at

Good luck - and stay healthy!

Previously as a seller at the Bocholt shop