Video interview in the ailing town hall: For councilor Bärbel Sauer, the topic of new town hall building is at the top of the agenda

Video interview in the ailing town hall: For councilor Bärbel Sauer, the topic of new town hall building is at the top of the agenda
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Video interview in the ailing town hall:
For councilor Bärbel Sauer, the topic of building a new town hall is at the top of the agenda

Councilwoman Bärbel Sauer was in the dilapidated and empty town hall on Berliner Platz this week to clear her anger. This can be seen in the video article that has been on Facebook and on her page for the mayoral election today can be seen publicly.

First she enters the town hall, goes through empty passages and empty floors. After all, she is standing in the middle of the council chamber, behind her an open control box. She looks at the camera and says in short, understandable words: “Now I'm standing here in the council chamber, everything is empty. I personally stand for a new, modern and long-lasting town hall, which will not cost 75 million euros either. In December 2017, the council groups sitting here missed the opportunity. I have submitted an application for a citizens' request, so that the citizens can make decisions, refurbish or build a modern, new town hall. The SPD, CDU, Greens, Left, FDP and city party have wasted this opportunity. The protection of historical monuments, which is repeatedly touted as an obstacle, is not an obstacle. If I become mayor, with her vote in the back - and that the council factions will think better and move along - I will go to Düsseldorf to the Prime Minister and Minister of Building to get rid of the monument protection - that is my promise to you. The monument protection prevents us from building a modern, long-lasting and much cheaper town hall. That's what I stand for, I give everything. I hope for your back. ”

In fact, there is this proposal, which was made in December 2017 by Bärbel Sauer in writing as an amendment to agenda item 26 "Basic renovation of the town hall with a cultural center", but closed in the Council. Earlier in the discussion, Mayor Peter Nebelo (SPD), former treasurer Ludger Triphaus (CDU) and Ruth Rümping (SPD) spoke out against the application. All of this is recorded in the minutes and can be viewed publicly on the city homepage "Ratsinfo".

“There was a chance to cancel the monument protection or to build a new town hall elsewhere in the city center. At that time, the costs were EUR 37,5 million. A solution would have been found for the current town hall, I'm sure of that, ”says Bärbel Sauer, who is also running for mayor.

On June 10, there was another attempt by her and her colleagues for a citizens' request. However, the Committee for Suggestions and Complaints, in which all council groups are represented, also completely rejected this request.

For me, the topic of town hall is still at the top of the agenda. For this I will again advertise and educate you on Saturday, July 18, from 10:30 a.m. in the pedestrian zone in front of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland at the social list in Bocholt.


Here is the link to the video, which can be seen on the Bärbel Sauer homepage from 18 p.m. today and can be linked with pleasure!

The link to the Bärbel Sauer Facebook page. The article can already be linked there:

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