Gigaset: The exciting story behind the smartphone Made in Germany

Smartphone "Made in Germany" - or more precisely produced in Bocholt? The international Gigaset AG, so far known for its DECT cordless phones, proves that this is a success.

But behind the success story from German lands, behind today's "hidden champion", lies a varied company history and at the same time a model example of the transformation towards the industry 4.0 and digitization processes, which many companies in Germany are facing.

Klaus Weßing is the man who drives the transformation of Gigaset AG as CEO. In an interview with Anna Schäfer he describes the challenges that have arisen for the company since its spin-off from Siemens in the year 2008.

The sometimes painful restructuring was accompanied by a comprehensive restructuring of the company, consistent reorientation towards new products such as smartphones and smart homes and a major innovation offensive in all areas.

Gigaset AG has not only opened up new markets in addition to the classic core business of DECT cordless telephones - the professional, smart home and smartphone sectors. But with the consistent use of what is commonly referred to as the industry 4.0, the feat accomplished, at the site Bocholt highly profitable and competitive too
to produce. These include the use of robotic systems and human-machine collaboration.

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