Selection template helps the blind in the European elections

Selection template helps the blind in the European elections

For this year's European elections blind and visually impaired people again free choice assistance available. Thanks to ballot templates, they can cast their votes independently and without the support of a confidant. This is now pointed out by district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster in his capacity as Kreiswahlleiter.
The members of the regional district groups and the local associations of the Blind and Visually Impaired Association of Westphalia automatically receive their electoral assistance. Blind and visually impaired voters who are not organized in these clubs, they can now call by phone via the nationwide hotline by phone: 01805-666 456 (0,14 Euro / Min from the fixed network) or at the regional office of the Blind and Sehbehindertenverein Westfalen e. V., Dortmund, Phone: Request 0231 / 55 75 900. The District Returning Officer recommends that these electoral aids be procured as early as possible, so that they can be delivered in time for the election.
The envelope containing the voting aids contains a box of ballot paper and an audio CD with instructions for handling the voting template. The template has the form of a folder in which the ballot is inserted. Through the round openings above the circles to be marked, blind and visually impaired voters can cast their vote. However, they must first hear the acoustic version of the ballot for their constituency, so they know which party belongs to each of the stenciled on the template in large print and braille openings. On all ballot papers the upper right corner was cut off, so that the ballot can be inserted correctly independently.

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