Why look into the distance….

Why look into the distance….


Bocholt / Winterswijk. (Rü) In times of Corona and when it comes to the question of how safe my vacation country is, more and more Bocholters come to the conclusion: Why go far when the good is so close. According to this quotation from Goethe, the local recreation area of ​​Meddo near Winterswijk, for example, attracts almost 30 km away.

A nearly 3 km long beach with fine, light sand, playgrounds for the youngest, meadows with a volleyball court and space to play football and for the hunger in between the Frikandel special met patat - Meddo is actually a summer vacation on the doorstep.

And no, the author of these lines is in no way sponsored by the placeholder (to be honest, I don't even know who that is ...) but just an enthusiastic fan of Meddo. And with bright sunshine, 31 degrees and a blue cloudless sky, relaxation is just perfect. The editors wish all readers a nice weekend.


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