Weicon trainees take over the IHK's Instagram channel

Weicon trainees take over the IHK's Instagram channel

Timon Steigerwald and Alexander Pilfahrt took over the Instagram channel of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) North Westphalia for one day. With the smartphone in hand, the two prospective industrial clerks from Weicon GmbH "fed" the Instagram stories with impressions from their everyday training. Steigerwald and pilgrimage are participants in the IHK action "Azubimojis", which aims to give young people authentic insights into company training. Various trainees have recently been reporting in short video sequences every Wednesday: They present their company, show their tasks and answer questions about their training.
"This is communication that reaches the target group", Melanie Baum, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, is convinced. After all, the trainee boys themselves are hardly older than the students who are about to choose a career. “The trainees speak the language of the youngsters and know how to communicate on Instagram. It is much more convincing than if we entrepreneurs stand in front of the camera and woo trainees. ”Baum also thinks it is great that the followers take a look behind the scenes of the company:“ Companies have to open up to students as attractive training company to be perceived. "

It is also worthwhile for companies to take part in the Azubimojis campaign, says Carsten Taudt, head of the IHK's Education and Skilled Personnel Division: "For companies, the campaign is a simple and effective way to draw attention to their training opportunities." In the current corona crisis, professional orientation could not take place as usual - traditional training fairs, student internships and professional orientation days were finally eliminated. The figures also show that companies have to take action: 50.000 apprenticeships are still waiting for applicants in NRW; according to the Employment Agency, there are around 8.000 in the IHK district of North Westphalia alone, more than in May 2019. The numbers leave can also be explained by the corona crisis: It has caused the application phase to be delayed in many companies.

11 trainees from the entire IHK district are currently in the starting blocks to show their everyday training routine on the IHK Instagram channel in the coming weeks: This includes budding hotel specialists, distillers or process mechanics for plastic and rubber technology. The trainees learned everything about the applications of Instagram at a workshop at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The campaign started in early March. An action day with two trainees for wholesale and foreign trade from the Münster-based company H. Gautzsch could still take place, followed by a break due to the corona virus. The videos are available via the "Highlight Stories".

Companies and trainees who are interested in the Azubimoji campaign can contact the IHK project employee Silke Deutschmann (deutschmann@ihk-nw.de <deutschmann@ihk-nw.de>, Tel. 0251 707-245).

Instagram channel of the IHK Nord Westfalen:

A look behind the scenes: Alexander Pilgrimage (left) and Timon Steigerwald, trainees at Weicon GmbH, provide insights into their training on the IHK's Instagram channel.

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