Welcome to Bocholt: Americans visit the Mariengymnasium for the first time

Welcome to Bocholt: Americans visit the Mariengymnasium for the first time

Bocholt (PID). Elisabeth Kroesen, first deputy mayor of Bocholt (center) received on Thursday, 13. June 2019, a group of students from the Joliet Catholic Academy (JCA) from the USA, who is a guest of the Mariengymnasium.
The Joliet Catholic Academy (Joliet Catholic or just JCA for short) is a mixed Catholic high school from Joliet in Illinois. It is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet. The JCA is one of the oldest Catholic high schools in the Chicago area.
She is best known for her skill and performance in the American Footbal. Since the launch of the Illinois High School Association's (IHSA) State Football PlayOffs in 1974, the JCA has won more titles than any other team in Illinois. The JCA has also trained professional football players and several Super Bowl winners (including Mike Alstott).
Today's school is an affiliation of the "all-girls St. Francis Academy" and the "all-time Joliet Catholic High School," formerly known as "DeLaSalle High School for Boys". "The contact came about through personal contacts of Father Nepomuk, who comes from Stadtlohn, and in Joliet the" German club "directs," reports Wilfried Flüchter, director of the Mariengymnasiums. "The request for an exchange with the school, which is only 35 kilometers away from Chicago, is something of a 'touchdown' to us, especially considering that partnerships are barely closing at the moment," says Sven Volmering , accompanying teacher at the Mariengymnasium.
German-American relations in the age of populism
The 12-headed group has been since the 8. June 2019 in Bocholt. The program entitled "History, Present and Future of German-American Relations with Special Consideration of the Development of Political Systems" included day trips to the host families and a trip to Cologne with a visit to Cologne Doms and a visit to Dusseldorf. There not only the state parliament was visited. Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst took his time for the American guests. On Wednesday, lessons were first on the program. Then it went to Dorsten, where the Americans and the Germans met the work of an advertising agency in the field of social media, the Dorsten Mayor and the industrial culture in Dorsten.
As part of the reception, Elisabeth Kroesen introduced guests to the city of Bocholt. Jürgen Mecking of the mayor's office explained how the City Council of Bocholt works.
Strawberries, asparagus, deposit system and waste separation
On Friday it goes to Berlin. There the students stay for three days. Among other things, the Reichstag is visited. On Monday, the Americans and Germans will work on a project over three days, which will be shown in an exhibition. In the afternoon, City Planning Officer Daniel Zöhler explains the structural change in the textile industry while visiting the Kubaai site. Corpus Christi and the following two days are all about homestays.
An American evening then concludes the first exchange with the guests from Joliet. "The strawberries, which are freshly harvested from the region at the moment, have affected our guests. Some of them also got to know asparagus for the first time, "says teacher Volmering. The American guests were particularly impressed by the waste separation, the deposit system and the many bicycles.
On the 24. June, the American guests start their journey home. The Bocholters travel from the 18. October to the 2. November for a return visit to the USA.

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