If only the postman came by ...

If only the postman came by ...
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The postcards that Inge Bihn has on her desk are colorful and often have encouraging sayings. Throughout the week, Inge Bihn has been writing postcards with personal greetings for the senior citizens who otherwise visit them and their employees at home or who visit the open offers. "For most of the older people, all contacts have now broken off," reports Inge Bihn. Inge Bihn has spent a lot of time on the phone in the past few weeks. “That doesn't replace personal contact, but it does help at least a little. I am there and have an ear for what concerns people. There are a lot of worries and fears right now. It is important that you stay in the conversation, ”says Bihn.

Marianne Kalscheur and Nicola Eisenbart, who coordinate the family sponsorship projects for Bocholt, Rhede and Isselburg, are similar. “It is an enormous burden for the families that all support offers have now been broken down: daycare and school closed, no playground, no social contacts. If the families are now on their own, there are nice facets to it, but for many families, especially with small children, it is also an enormous burden, ”reports Kalscheur, who, with the family sponsors in Bocholt, otherwise provides hours of relief for everyday family life. "Of course, we are now on the phone a lot with the families, trying to encourage, give tips and just have an open ear," says Nicola Eisenbart, who looks after the families from Rhede and Isselburg. Now the two of them write a lot of postcards or pack small packages that they put on the families doorstep. “We were given games, books and DVDs that we are now distributing. Simply, so that a little variety comes in. “, Kalscheur reports. Because in many families money is scarce. "Not all families can easily fill the craft cupboard with material or use the Internet to take advantage of job offers," says Nicola Eisenbart.

Inge Bihn is also packing small packages for the elderly. It contains books and a box with exercise exercises for everyday life. “Now it is more important than ever to incorporate exercise into everyday life. Much of what has been activated in everyday life no longer applies, sports courses do not take place, other people do the shopping, people spend all their time at home. You can make everyday life a real little training program. We want to make you want to do that, ”says Inge Bihn, looking at her packed envelopes.

All Caritas services can still be reached by telephone. "We don't leave people alone," say all 3 employees of the low-threshold Caritas services unanimously.

Photo: Inge Bihn, advice for seniors and dementia

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